Queen of the South Season 5

Queen of the South Season 5: Release Date, Cast and Plot

It’s not easy being queen, and in USA Network’s original crime show Queen of the South, Teresa Mendoza (Alice Braga) learns this lesson immensely as Queen of the South season 5 comes to screens soon. Teresa outfoxed local rotten politicians and maneuvered the intricacies of rival gangs ever since she’s moved to New Orleans. At the end of the show’s explosive fourth season, Tressa found herself exhausted and in need of a very much needed break. Just as she found a break she sought, an old ally appears in her life to let her know: she can’t rest later. Fans, thankfully, will see the resolution to our timely cliffhanger, since USA Network has renewed the show for a fifth season.

The show Queen of the South retains its reputation for being complex, always in movement. Characters move, come, go, and with every new season that airs, there is a huge change in setting. Teresa’s life, and drug empire, continuously hang in the balance, and anything could tumble down at any given time. As we get to five seasons now, this reality of chaos looks like it never will change.

When will Season 5 release?

In August 2019, USA Network announced season 5 of Queen of the South. Just as the fourth season ended, we luckily already got wind of a season 5, which ensured production couldn’t be too far behind. Each season, like clockwork, has premiered in June. Similarly, every season has concluded each August soon afterward, or if anything, into that September. However, COVID19 changes nearly everything about the entertainment industry, including the release dates. Fans still predict that season 5 will follow this general plan, although that has not exactly happened.

However, according to popular news website Newsweek, the fifth season began filming back in March of 2020. The highly anticipated show plans to begin airing in June of 2021. However, due to COVID19, the show, just like many other films and other shows, have been put on a sort of production hiatus amid the crisis. This hiatus length is indefinite, until we know more about the world at large. At this time, filming hasn’t resumed, and there is no telling when the show will begin being produced again.

Additionally, Newsweek reported a rumor created by fans. According to this rumor, season 5 will premiere in March 2021. While this hasn’t been verified by USA Network directly, the date and timing do seem like a good guess at a timeline for release, since the production has been delayed inevitably by COVID19. However, at this exact moment, there is no official way to tell when Queen of the South Season 5 will come out. Based on what we know now, we can only guess that it will drop in 2021.

Who will return as a cast member in Queen of the South season 5?

While there has been zero officially licensed announcement from USA Network regarding who the returning cast is for Queen of the South season 5, there are some good guesses we can make. From what we know about season 4, we can guess what characters are in, and what characters are going to be out. Obviously, Alice Braga returns to play our Queen, Teresa Mendoza, so we don’t need to worry about that one. Other than that, there are two cast members starring in the return: Hemky Madera, Teresa’s ally, Pote Galvez, Molly Burnett, Vera Cherny, and Kelly Anne Van Awken. Roles like the Queen’s confidant and a Russian drug lord are pretty hard to exchange mid-show.

Another confirmed returning character is James Valdez, who is an ally of the Queen. Ben Lobato explained to Entertainment Weekly that Gadiot fell absent due to conflicts in the schedule, but is now ready to come back to the show with more gusto. He’ll return in season 5 with prominence. “We decided to get him back in, and set him up for season 5,” Lobato said.

However, there is a group of characters that we know not to expect to return in season 5. Julian Silva and Alfonso Herra, who played Tony Parra and Javier Jimenez will more than likely not be back, since both of their characters died in the previous season.

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Trailer for the highly anticipated season 5?

Lucky for us, there’s a little Queen of the South season 5 goodness that we can all have before the new season drops on us in 2021. Despite the fact that Queen of the South season 5 only faced a few weeks of shooting in before the hiatus, USA Network managed to release a short teaser that gives everyone something to think about when concerning the next season.

The clip achieves much, despite a short length and small worth to onlookers. It not only hints at Teresa’s incoming woes, but factors much into the storyline in just a short time.

Queen of the South Season 5 Plot?

Season 4 ended with Teresa’s deal with the Russian mob. In Queen of the South season 5, it seems like the mob will rise up again as a major enemy. Additionally, they might not be our only problem. As you may recall at the end of season 4, James returns from his long absence with a bloodied message that says “They’re coming for you.” Does “they” mean the Russians, the DEA, or something else that Teresa must contend with? Only one thing is truly certain regarding season 5: Teresa is far from safe in the episodes to come.

While there may be a huge wait to still go before Queen of the South season 5, judging by the trailer we’ve seen and the season before us, we are sure to see a thrilling set of episodes as Teresa protects her empire.

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