Cris Tales Launch Date Delayed
" Cris Tales Launch Date Delayed"

Cris Tales Launch Date Delayed to Sometime in Early 2021. This announcement was made today by Modus games today. The upcoming JRPG Chris Tales was poised to release next month and was only going to be available on Switch and other consoles. But now that the launch has been delayed it will be released on all the platforms in 2021, even the next-gen hardware.

The fans are really disheartened to hear that Cris Tales Launch delayed to 2021. According to the CEO of Modus games, this wasn’t an easy decision but an essential. Now the developers have more time to work on the game and bring the best version of cris tales to fans. The fun part is that if the fans choose to place pre-orders of the copy of the retail version will be gifted a poster as a bonus. Awesome right? Cris tales developers are Dreams Incorporated and SYCK, and it was a tough decision for them to delay its launch.

Why was the Launch delayed?
“Cris Tales- a fairy-tale world”

When this production of Cris tales had started in 2014, the team of developers was small. No one had any idea that the game will reach these heights and get such a huge fan following. So now to live up to the expectations of the fans, the team needs more time to create a better version. That is the reason Cris tales launch date delayed to 2021. The developers also intended to make this game really good. So they are taking the feedback of the demo seriously and making improvements. Another thing the developers are really paying attention to is the fan community. And in order to make a bond with the fans, they are going to take part in a Reddit AMA on October 16th at 12:00pm PST.

Cris’s tale is a stunning turn-based RPG game. It’s a fairy-tale experience and this new version will have even harder battles to face. You will be able to see the past, but the action will be in the present. And then see how your choices affect your future. It’s a long dark journey, in the fairy-tale, and wait to see how it unfolds.
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