Today, Dame Angela Lansbury Reflects on Turning 95 as Fans Celebrate Her Birthday. She said,  she lead a “fortunate life” till now.  She had an acting career of 80 years.

In an interview,  she said,

What a fortunate life I’ve had the pleasure to be part of, doing the thing I most enjoy – acting and entertaining great audiences all over the world. I feel fortunate indeed to be able to celebrate my  95th birthday with my dearest family here in California. I am fortunate to be able to stay safe and my heart goes out to all those who are suffering or have lost loved ones.”

– dame angeLa

Fans from all over the world are celebrating her birthday and her name is trending worldwide on social media. Alongwith some of their favorites pictures of the actress,  fans are posting words of praise for her.  They are paying tribute to the actress in every way possible.  The fans are trying to turn this special day of Dame Angela Lansbury the most important and special day of her life.

About Dame Angela Lansbury:

Born on October 16, 1925, Dame Angela Brigid Lansbury, is a British-Irish-American actress. She played many threatical, television and film roles.  Moreover,  she is the earliest living Academy Award nominee and one of the last alive stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood.

She has worked as an actor,  singer,  songwriter,  writer, and producer. Her debut the movie named “Gaslight”, at the very young age of 17 years. Due to her being minor,  a social worker used to accompany her to her shoot location for her safety.

Moreover,  casting a young girl in the movie received attention from people and she was already declared A Star. On release,  the movie was praised a lot and it earned her Best Supporting Actress and the movie earned many nominations in other categories.

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Happy Birthday Dame Angela Lansbury.