filming Shark tank
"Filming Shark tank"

Looks like even COVID-19 cannot stop the makers from filming Shark tank. You may be able to get the 12th season of ABC’s Shark Tank very soon. This is one of the shows that actually nailed production during Pandemic. And it comes under that very narrow category, that found a way to film an entire season while maintaining social distance. It’s really commendable. Though this wasn’t an easy feat by any standards. According to some previous reports, the location of Shark Tank was moved from its usual home to Las Vegas.

Though it was really tough filming Shark Tank and the team had taken several precautions to safeguard themselves Covid-19. The crew and everyone were kept in a “Quarantine Bubble” with all the safety measures in Place. While there will be the usual sharks  Kevin O’ Leary, Lori Greiner, Mark Cuban they will be accompanied by some new sharks this season like Mycoskie founder of TOMS, Kind founder Daniel Lubetzky, etc. The trailer which was recently released by ABC shows how the pandemic had affected the production of the show.

Kevin O’Leary and Mycoskie on Filming Shark Tank!
filming Shark tank
“Kevin and Mycoskie talk about filming”

O’Leary and Mycoskie had opened up about filming a shark tank and some of the inspiring stories they came across. Kevin confessed that it was quite hard to make sure that the set was safe for everyone. The Venetian hotel had been completely sealed while the 280 people inside were tested every 72 hours. The 11 entrepreneurs who are the guests were quarantined separately in Las Vegas. But they are in the very few numbers of shows that were successful in doing this without anybody getting sick. Which is definitely awesome.

The experience of filming a shark tank is really something for TOMS owner Mycoskie. It was amazing. He was able to mentor these entrepreneurs like he was mentored at some point. The feeling of being able to give some advice and help them out, really made Mycoskie happy. Also, he was able to make some investments.

The 12th season of Shark Tank will be available from 16th Oct on ABC at 8 p.m. EDT.

Don’t forget to catch the 12th season. What do you think of Shark tank being able to successfully finish filming its new season? Comment Below.