ne1 helmet


The NE1 Helmet is an evolved version of a face mask. It is an air-purifying respirator for everyday use which takes purification to a whole new level. And all this through its powered air system. As a matter of fact, NE1 provides the N95-level of purified air for one’s comfort and breathing. It is specifically designed in such a way that one need not worry about taking their masks on and off. Along with a patent-pending filtration system, it erases harmful substances i.e. viruses and bacteria.

Moreover, NE1 is constantly delivering airflow and the large face shield has both antifog and antiglare properties. there’s also inbuilt Bluetooth audio and external speakers that make you hear and be heard.

Miscellaneous: NE1 Helmet

In this period of Corona Virus, it has become necessary to wear masks. Earlier it was a common mask but circumstances have changed now. Safety masks are now categorized as medical equipment or dust filters. The main objective of these is to restrict the breathing of potentially bad air-borne particles. Along with shielding to individuals who have respiratory problems and issues. It also has one more purpose. That is a little bit more comprehensive, filtering system. It also has breathing and exhalation which restricts infections and also optimizes sanitation of atmospheres relating to medical care.- NE1 Helmet

Beyond this basic difference, there are also a number of functional details that many times tend to come from a specific mask. However, that may overlap. This information about what the masks have to do is many. With breathing resistance, you can put on with comfort, longest usage duration, and single or several usages. Also, one can just know how much filtering system or particle stopping continuously occurs. These secondary characteristics may or may not be of a vital consideration to some customers or purchasers of masks.

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