Rapper Logic Buys Pokémon Cards
"Rapper Logic Buys Pokémon Cards"

We invest our hard-earned money somewhere or the other. Some in house, rentals, stocks, and well some in graded cards. They have been gaining momentum with people. And recently Rapper Logic Buys Pokémon Cards for $220,000, is the trending news. Astounding isn’t it? How rare those Pokémon cards must have been? Well, they got the attention of Logic so I did say extremely rare. Pokémon cards are definitely popular and many have been sold for 6 sums and that too this year alone. Can you imagine? I guess yes, all the fans out there know this.

Graded cards are actually becoming popular through an unconventional choice of investing. And now Rapper Logic Buys Pokémon cards so this will only increase their demand. The cards Logic had spent his money on are officially known as the Crown jewels. And now he is one of the owners of the first-ever edition Charizard holographic trading card. They come under the original Base set.

Logic’s Love for Pokemon!
“Ultra Rare Pokemon Cards”

Rapper Logic Buys Pokémon Cards, isn’t new, they are just an addition to his growing collection. Logic is a big fan of comic books and video games, and this he has confessed many times. The winning bid for these ultra-rare Pokémon cards was Logic’s. And those $183,000 with 20% buyer’s premium has provided him a slice of Pokémon history. And if we think about his recently released statement it is clear that these cards are a dream come true for the rapper.

The logic was always a big fan of Pokémon, so these cards are nothing short of a victory for him. Since he was just a kid, he had been trying to get Pokémon cards, even tried trading food stamps for them. And now he is the owner of some of the rarest of these cards. To Logic, these cards signify a childhood dream, and an experience not a source of money. Well way to go Logic, you have finally achieved a dream which seemed so out of reach in childhood. And he deserves it too, he has worked very hard to reach where he is and now it’s time for him to enjoy his retirement.

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