Riddick Sequel moving Forward
"Riddick Sequel moving Forward"

Any plans for the Vin Diesel starring series have always been delayed for one reason or the other. Fans have been eagerly awaiting Riddick 4: Furya’s arrival, but the series seems to be stuck in the development phase. But Good news for all the fans out there, Riddick Sequel moving forward. The last update was that the script was almost done and the film was supposed to shoot in 2020. But Covid-19 is sure to have derailed any such plans, at least for the time being.

Though now it’s being reported that Riddick Sequel moving forward. What does this mean? Well, things might be looking up as Riddick may soon go into production. The wait will be over very soon if that happens. Though we really don’t have more clear details. In our estimate since Universal has always been involved in the series, it may play a role in the sequel too.

A quick Recap

Riddick Sequel moving Forward
“Quick Recap of Riddick”

Well, another interesting development as Riddick Sequel moving Forward is that Karl Urban may reprise his character from 2013’s Riddick. The tipster has said that the makers want the villain back. We will rewind a bit so that fans can catch up with Riddick again. The sci-fi journey began with “Pitch Black” in 2000. Now, remember at this point it wasn’t quite this huge a deal. But from 2004, its success soared with The Chronicles of Riddick. And then there was the 2013’s movie with a lot of media attention, and we know the fan following for the movie hadn’t gone down. Well, it hasn’t until now.

With Riddick Sequel moving forward, what can fans expect in the 4th installment. Well, the details are not here yet. But as the title suggest this sequel will be taking us back to the main leads home planet. Though we don’t know the story-line. It is possible that this may be a journey into the past or quite possibly maybe future. But stay tuned for more details. At last Riddick, the sequel is moving forward with production after being under development for so long.
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