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Who Made Me A Princess is also known as ‘One Day I Became A Princess’ and ‘Suddenly Became A Princess One Day.’ Who Made Me A Princess is a manga series with over 100 episodes. The 122nd episode of the manga was recently released on October 7th, 2020.

However, Who Made Me A Princess is not that well-known. It is only known by a small but loyal group of fans. So, what exactly is Who Made Me A Princess?


What is Who Made Me A Princess?

The story takes place in a large empire ruled over the harsh and cold-blooded emperor, Claude de Alger Obelia. One day, Claude decides to kill his daughter, Athanasia! But don’t worry, it’s just a scary bedtime story.

However, one woman wakes up to find herself as the ill-fated princess! She now has three options: She can spend the rest of her life hiding from the king. She can gather enough supplies and money to escape the palace. Or, she can go everything she can to win back Claude’s good graces.

No matter what, she has to do everything she can to survive. What lengths will she have to go to in order to escape the wrath of the king.



There are four different social classes in the empire: Royalty, Nobility, Magicians, and Commoners.


Athanasia de Alger Obelia is the main character.

Claude de Alger Obelia and Anastacius de Alger Obelia are some members of the Royalty class. Other members include Jennette Margarita and Aeternitas.


Ijekiel Alpheus, Roger Alpheus, Felix Robane, and Lilian York. In addition, there is Penelope Judith, and Countess Rosalia.


Lucas and Lucas’s Instructor.


The Commoners class consist of the members Diana, Hannah, and Ces.

Who Made Me a Princess

The Creators of Who Made Me Princess

Phutus and Spoon created Who Made Me A Princess in the year 2017. This is Spoon’s Instagram. It has many images from Who Made Me A Princess that are TO DIE FOR!!


Who Made Me A Princess Chapter 123:

Everything You Need to Know!

Super fans have been tracking the release dates of each chapter vigorously. The 122 chapter was released, and aired on October 7. However, readers have already been anticipating the release of chapter 123.

Chapter 123 was released on October 14, 2020.

Here are the different time zones:

First, Pacific Daylight Time: 9 a.m.

Second, Central Daylight Time: 11 a.m.

Third, Eastern Daylight Time: 12 p.m. (Noon)

And last, but not least, British Summer Time: 5 p.m.

Who Made Me A Princess Recommendations

Top 3 Manga Like Who Made Me A Princess

These books share most, if not all, of the same characteristics of Who Made Me A Princess. It has elements of suspense, danger, but most importantly, beauty and love. It’s crazy how similar some of these recommendations are.


  • Daughter of the Emperor

This series was created in 2015 and has over 8 volumes and more than 196 chapters.

This manga series is nearly identical to Who Made Me A Princess. For instance, it’s about Ariadna Lereg Ilestri Pre Agrigent, a princess who is trapped in her title. Her father is a crazy tyrant and the conqueror of ten empires is her father. Will Princess Ariadna be able to survive his ruthless nature?


  • I Belong to House Castielo

I Belong to House Castielo was created in 2018. It now has over 105 chapters.

11-year-old Estelle was shocked when her own mother sold her. But was even more shocking was that she was bought her father. However, not just her father, but the sole duke in all of the empire, Ein Castielo! He is feared across all kingdoms and possesses powerful magical skills.


  • Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady with the Lamp

This series has over 121 chapters and was created in 2017.

The youngest professor at the leading College of Medicine in Korea is Dr. Song. She was a wretched princess in her previous life. But the moment before she dies at seas, she wakes up as Princess Elise again! This is her chance to mend her relationships and fix a broken kingdom. Will she blow it?

Who Made Me A Princess

Other Manga Recommendations

  • The Beloved Little Princess

Despite being created in 2019, it already has over 38 chapters.

It’s about a little girl who lives a happy life as a princess. Her birth marks the start of the Hyperion Empire’s prophetic rule. However, she has to deal with her insane, murderous brothers and bellicose, war-hungry father. Assassins are attempting to kill her and her family is destroying the empire. Not to mention those annoying memories of her past life keep bugging her. It’s now all up to her, as the one hope for the Hyperion Empire, to restore this magical kingdom. Will she able to do it, or will kingdom crumble under her feet?


  • They Say I Was Born a King’s Daughter

They Say I Was Born A King’s Daughter has published 50 chapters since its creation in 2016.

This story revolves around a girl, victim of murder who is still completely conscious of her past life. She’s the king’s unwanted daughter. In addition, in a new world, misogyny reigns. Despite all of the advancements in technology and science and the end of all wars.


Top 3 Anime Like Who Made Me A Princess

Although this series is in the form of manga, there are a multitude of very similar anime shows. These shows fully capture the characteristics and essence of Who Made Me A Princess. Here’s the list:

  • My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!

It has 12 episodes aired on TV, despite being created in the year 2020. Season 2 has been scheduled to be released in the year 2021.


  • Fushigi Yugi OVA: Eikoden/Fushigi Yugi OVA: Dai Ni Bu

Fushigi Yugi OVA is a classic. Eikoden was created in the early years on 2001-2002 and has 4 episodes.

Dai Ni Bu was created even earlier than that in 1997-1998 and had 6 episodes aired.


  • I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level

I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level hasn’t been released. However, premiere is expected to be aired in 2021.

Other Anime Recommendations

  • By the Grace of the Gods

By the Grace of the Gods is a fairly early anime show, similar to most of these Japanese series. It was released on TV in 2020 and has over 2 episodes, but is expected to create more.

Who Made Me a Princess

  • The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent

Sei is a 20-year-old office worker, but suddenly, she’s dropped into a new and unfamiliar world. However, a magical ritual brought her here. It’s used to summon a “Saint” that would banish dark magic.

However, it brought two people over, and everyone likes the other girl over her!

But Sei doesn’t mind. She instead focuses on selling cosmetics and potions with her newly discovered magical powers.

She creates a new life for herself. Unfortunately, her Sainthood starts to haunt her.


Where Can You Find and Read?

Here’s where you can read Who Made Me A Princess, as well as access Chapter 123.

  • First, Tappytoon
  • Second, MangaOwl
  • Third, MangaDog
  • Fourth, Manga Zuki
  • Fifth, TenManga
  • And lastly, MangaBat

You can also find the Who Made Me A Princess Recommendations on these sites.

Are you still mourning the loss of KissManga? Well here’s a list of the Best KissManga Alternatives.

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