Infamous “Club Kids” Killer Michael Alig Dies at 54 From Apparant Drug Overdose

Michael Alig, the infamous ‘Club Kids’ killer is dead at the age of 54 from a suspected overdose of drugs. The police department of New York broke the news after it received a call from an address, where, they found him collapsed and unresponsive. The EMS then announced that Alig is dead.

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The reason for convicted killer Michael Alig’s death is still unclear. But according to the New York Police, died due to a suspected overdose. The cause of his death will be determined shortly, and the investigation is still going on.

Infamous "Club Kids" Founder Michael Alig dead.
Notorious “Club Kids” Killer Michael Alig dies from suspected drug overdose.

Michael Alig became famous for founding the “Club Kids”. It was a group of party lovers who received a lot of fame in the night-life and club scene of  New York City. Michael made the headlines for organising luxury parties with his costumes and drug use being the cherry on the top.

However, all that glitters is not gold. In 1997, everything turned upside down for Michael Alig, when his friend Robert Riggs confessed the killing of their drug dealer Andre Melendez. It was a fight over money regarding the drugs, that turned violent and led to his murder. Alig justified the killing saying that they were high on drugs when they committed the murder. The body of Melendez was hidden in their house for about a week. What was even more shocking is that they even had drug parties at their place with the body hidden there. They later got rid of out by disposing of the body in the Hudson River. Michael Alig was in prison for 17 years. He was convicted for manslaughtering his friend. However, serving the jail term for 17 years, Alig said that he agrees that he is fully responsible for his acts despite being on drugs when he committed the crime.

Later, a documentary was also made, showcasing the acts and events on Michael Alig’s life. It was named as “The Shockumentary”. It also covered the environment of New York City’s nightlife. Alig was the inspiration behind the film “Party Monster”. It starred Macaulay Culkin as Michael Alig.

According to the reports, he was on heroin consumption before he was found unconscious.