ITV Host Phillip Schofield Lashes Out At Trump Supporter

A Heated Interview In ITV

Philip Schofield has lost her cool on a Trump supporter. She is the host of ITV’s morning interview. And this time she could not control her and bashes Toni the leader of Trumpettes.

Well, the US is busy with the presidential election and all these different news channels are conducting interviews. The interviews include the party people or even the supporter.

One such show today hosted by Philip Schofield and co-host Holly Willoughby. They invited one of the prime supporters of Donald Trump to the show. Toni Holt Kramer who is the leader of a Trump fan club Trumpettes invited for the interview.

The show was running normally until co-host Holly Willoughby asked her to express thought on Trump falsely claiming victory in the election.

Philip Schofield Lashes Out At Toni

She went on saying about the politician’s names to defend Donald Trump and just then Philip Schofield snapped her. Saying they are not interested to know about her familiarity with the political world.

They are in the interview to know about Trump and his irrelevant statements also they have limited time. And since then the American host did not let her speak anything. She snapped every time she tried to speak and threatened also to leave the show.

Toni continued to try to speak but she was stopped by host Philip Schofield every time. Also, she blamed her for not giving the proper answers.

The Interview Turned One-sided

While Toni defends herself and said it is not the proper way of questioning and Philip is not asking her any proper question, not even letting her speak up.

Philip Schofield
Donald Trump

She continued defending Trump and said he never said about the count on the election. That is a false statement and no base.

However, ITV’s morning show was lead to a heated argument rather than a normal interview session. Host Philip Schofield lashes out at the interviewer inappropriately, suggests a report.

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