Japanese survival horror game Yuoni announced for PS5, Xbox series, PS4, Xbox one, and PC

Japanese survival horror game Yuoni announced for PS5:

Yuoni is a new Japanese survival horror game. Recently Tricore  has announced this game for :

  • PS5
  •  Xbox series
  • PS4
  • Xbox one
  • PC
  • Nintendo Switch

It will be another addition to the Yuoni series. As yuoni: Rises is a previous horror game by tricore.

Launch date :

As Tricore Yuoni announced for PS5 but it’s launch date is not confirmed yet. It is said to be releasing somewhere in spring 2021.

Technical aspects of Yuoni :

As this game is releasing on high-end gaming devices. Definitely, Tricore had to keep up with gaming quality. Because of this Tricore has really done well this time.

This game will support 4K resolution. Digital televisions and cinematography use this kind of resolution. The graphic of this game is going to be very realistic. Along with the 4K resolution, it will give you a frame frequency of 60 per second. Tricore is definitely opting for smooth game play.


Story in-game :

Watch trailer : (Yuoni) Announcement Trailer- Launching spring 2021

In the first part of the game, players have to hide from enemies to hunt down key items. Therefore  Game is described as playing hide and seek. And in the later part, you have to escape from ghosts Whois your ultimate enemies.
Gaming visual is more focused on ever setting sun. Therefore it is considered one of the most horrific graphics in the gaming world. Now Yuoni announced for PS5 is like a player’s bonus. And gaming enthusiasts is welcoming this with open arms.

About Yuoni: Rises –

  • Playing Youni: Rises is like reading a novel, we can flip through pages while pressing a button. The story follows troubled child Shuji and his adventures.
  • Genre: Adventure, Horror.
  • Drawback: It is not a multiple player game
  • Published and developed by: Tricore
  • Played on: Nintendo Switch and VR

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  • Yuoni is a Japanese survival horror game
  • Developed by Tricore.
  • Yuoni will launch in spring 2021
  • Yuoni announced for ps5, Xbox series, PS4, Xbox One, and PC
  • Having great resolution and frame frequency

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