Jeffery Star’s New Boyfriend: Mystery Revealed

New Romance on the horizon. Jeffery star’s new boyfriend? Yes folks it seems star has found a new love after a recent breakup. Jeffery has lit the rumor mill on fire after posting a sensual pic with a mystery man.  But the face of the Jeffery star’s new boyfriend is not visible. Mystery man’s arms are only visible and they are a treat for the eye.  Jeffery had just split up with his old flame Nathan Schwandt in January. He had taken to YouTube to share with his fans how devastated he was. But it seems like Jeffery has found happiness again. Although the identity of the man is in question.

Star received his fame from YouTube. He is an artist, a makeup-guru. His style perfectly matches his personality bright and colorful. He became so successful that he turned his clout into a make-up brand.   He not only attracts attention for his make-up but for his personal life too. And now everyone wants to know who the new man in Jeffery’s life

All  we know so far about Jeffery star’s new boyfriend

Star had announced about his new love over Instagram on the weekend. But since the face of Jeffery star’s new boyfriend is hidden, we can only guess as to who is the owner of those tattoos. The hype only gets fired because star had turned off the comments. And our guess is he didn’t want anyone to accidentally reveal the mystery man’s identity.   Star had captioned the post with a sweet caption:

“Thankful for all the blessings God has brought into my life this year,”

Jeffery Star's new boyfriend
Star’s new Boyfriend revealed
Mystery Man’s Identity revealed?

Though the face of Jeffery star’s new boyfriend was not visible his tattoos were enough identification.  His arm tattoos gave him away to Sleuths. The man in Jeffery’s life is no other than the basketball player “Andre Mahold”.  He has matching ink on his arm.  Gossip page ‘The Shade room’ was the first to guess the man’s identity. Though it received backlash from critics for revealing the player’s sexuality. Star seems relieved that the secret is out. Only hour later star started posting Andre’s face in his story.  Some people accused star for paying the basketball player to be his boyfriend. But star gave them an apt though a bit snarky response:

“I know it’s devastating news for some people, but I don’t give money to anyone I’m dating ” Star wrote on Twitter. “Work on your own insecurities sis, I’m not the problem.”

What are your thoughts about Jeffery star’s new boyfriend? Did you guess his identity right? Comment below.

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