Jennifer Aniston Quitting Acting? She thought about it!!

For the last two years, it is being rumored that the actress Jennifer Aniston quitting acting. Well, it’s not a rumor anymore the actress has revealed that she had considered quitting for some time. The actress admitted that a bad film experience made her consider this, she hasn’t named the project. Jennifer was backed into taking the role even though she thought the script wasn’t ready yet. This is the first time she thought about changing her career and becoming an Interior decorator.

While it is very hard to imagine Jenifer not acting anymore, we think she would have made an amazing interior designer. Although that is miles away from acting as a career. It was during a podcast SmartLess that Jennifer Aniston quitting acting was revealed. Jennifer said that a really taxing project that” sucked the life out of her” made her think about leaving acting. While it may come as a shock to us, she admitted that she wasn’t sure if acting interests her anymore or not.

What would have been her Alternate Career?
Aniston quitting Acting
” Jennifer’s Alternate Career”

Oh, we are so thrilled that she didn’t go through with it. Jennifer went on to be a part of The Morning show which got her Golden Globe and Emmy nominations. Well, Jennifer Aniston quitting acting meant that she would do something which makes her happy. What would she have done? It looks like Jennifer has been thinking about it for some time as she had an alternate career in mind. She revealed that Interior designing was her “happy place”.  Although this isn’t the first time Jenifer has said she would love to be an interior designer. She had first said it in an interview in 2011 and then recently before this in 2018.

Aniston did say that many of her projects were really good. She had loved a lot of her recent projects like “Murder Mystery”, Cake but she did miss out on some names like Mother’s Day, Office Christmas party. Is that a hint? Anyway whenever Jennifer is asked to name her favorite work, guess what she says? It shouldn’t surprise you she says her No.1 will always be F.R.I.E.N.D.S. We totally agree with you, Jennifer.

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