Julianne Hough files for divorce from Brooks laich

Julianne hough files for divorce officially. Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich have announced their separation in May 2020. The couple decided to live separately during the quarantine. Laich was quarantining in Idaho and Julianne in Los Angeles.

Julianne hough files for divorce in Los Angeles on Monday amid her reconciliation rumor.
She decided to end her 3 years of marriage with her husband Brooks Laich. However, she was engaged to Him for 2 years.

Julianne hough and Brooks Laich marriage :

Julianne hough files divorce
Julianne hough files for divorce  

The flash actor teddy Sears has played Cupid between them and common friend to be precise. Julianne and brook fell in love with each other at their first sight. And a few months later Bam they were a hot Hollywood couple and became the talk of the town.

Even Brook admitted, Julianne was very loving and giving and he was the luckiest guy. Then Julianne started talking about her relationship publicly and how much right this relationship felt. And after a year or two, they were engaged in 2015. Eventually married in 2017 in Idaho.

Needless to say Julianne and broke were so great together that their separation came as a shock.

Rumors about them getting back together:

Julianne hough files for divorce after almost 6 months of their separation. Julianne and Brook’s fans thought that they are getting back together. Even their close friends hinted towards their reconciliation.

Dancing with the stars starlet Julianne and ice hockey player Brooks found that They are perfectly happy living separate lives during quarantining. Therefore they decided to go for a divorce.

Even after their separation and now the divorce Brooks Laich decided to be on good terms with Julianne hough’s family. He was recently partying with Derek hough Julianne’s brother.

Julianne and Brooks spotted together amid separation :

Although Julianne hough files for divorce after their separation in May 2020. But this couple spotted together several times which made people think they are getting back. As Julianne and Laich have the same group of friends this gave them the advantage to spend more time after their separation. Seems like this couple has given every chance that they could before filing a divorce. It is also said that Julianne isn’t doing well after her separation.

But now filing for divorce seems like they both have moved on and happy living their love separately.