Jung Ilhoon Leaves BTOB After Being Caught For Marijuana Use

Another dark cloud looms over the K-Pop industry as Ilhoon leaves BTOB after being caught for marijuana use. BTOB’s management agency CUBE Entertainment has issued an official statement as of 31st December. The company made the statement on account of Ilhoon. The cannabis was bought in a series of transactions through an acquaintance. The result of such cases ends in the termination of their careers. This is likely to be the result for Ilhoon as well.

The police allegedly caught Jung Ilhoon for the habitual use of marijuana on December 21. The K-Pop star is now currently under investigation.

Ilhoon leaves BTOB

Jung Ilhoon is a member of the K-Pop group BTOB. He is now under investigation by South Korean police for marijuana usage, which is illegal in the country. Ilhoon was sent to prosecution for the violation of the Narcotics Management Act in July. This came as a shocking revelation to fans and the public. The police report states that Ilhoon had smoked cannabis several times with his acquaintances four to five years ago and used virtual currency in the purchase process. Jung Ilhoon however, enlisted in May during a police investigation and is currently working as a social service agent.

CUBE Entertainment issued an official apology for causing concern due to an issue involving their agency artist, Jung Ilhoon. The company has stated how the singer is reflecting on his actions for breaking the trust of many fans and causing them to feel disappointed. Ilhoon will be leaving the group officially. So as not to hurt the image of the group more than what has already been done.

Jung Ilhoon

The agency has confirmed that BTOB will continue with the remaining six members: Eunkwang, Changsub, Minhyuk, Sungjae, Hyunsik, and Peniel. Although the group will be missing a member, it will be in their best interest.

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