Juventus vs Torino in six-goal thriller as Pogba returns


  • At his pre-game news conference, Max Allegri said that Paul Pogba will call up for the Derby della Mole. Pogba will “play as needed,” according to Allegri.
  • Federico Chiesa will rejoin the team for the Turin derby on Tuesday night, but it’s uncertain how he is for matches and how many minutes he can play. Allegri said the Italian winger practiced with the team on Sunday after “six so-so days.”
  • Fabio Miretti remains out due to injury. On Sunday, Miretti participated in some of the team’s training.
  • Kaio Jorge remains sidelined due to injury.
  • Manuel Locatelli has been suspended owing to receiving too many infractions.
  • After coming off the bench against Nantes, Dusan Vlahovic will once again start. After Thursday night’s win, Allegri noted that Vlahovic had been feeling tired following his first recovery from his prolonged groin injury. For this reason, Moise Kean was given the start against Nantes.
  • Due to his sluggish development into match fitness and his ineligibility to participate at the start of the game, Allegri stated that Leonardo Bonucci would remain in his unofficial assistant coach position.
  • Allegri made a point to mention that the team had recovered from the shock of receiving the 15-point penalty last month. Allegri stated, “No matter what happens off the field, we have gained 47 points.


It seems a bit too simple to determine whom we will highlight for the following few hundred lines without Locatelli, who was pretty strong against Nantes on Thursday night.

The player in question will very definitely replace Locatelli and fill an essential position in Juventus’ midfield unit.

Recently, Leandro Paredes already discussed here. Also, if this matchup had been in Serie A against a random team fighting for survival, we would be discussing the other Argentine on Juventus’ squad who is now in much, much, much better shape than Paredes.

Yet because Locatelli is out due to punishment and Paredes is having such a bad run of form. Juve is relying on a mediocre midfielder to play in a big match.

When Juventus vs Torino initially faced off in mid-October, Paredes only appeared for a brief period in stoppage time after replacing Dusan Vlahovic late in the game. If the speculations are true, Paredes won’t play in another Turin derby until he ends up in Granata at some point in the future. Given that Paul Pogba has yet to play a single game this season and Fabio Miretti is now sidelined. He is currently one of Max Allegri’s limited alternatives outside of the starting trio of Locatelli, Nicolo Fagioli, and Adrien Rabiot.

Nobody now longer knows what to expect from Paredes

For some weeks now, his form has been really poor. Who knows, maybe he’s a little worried about the future. It maybe because Juventus said to interested in him but hasn’t made an explicit offer. When you know that the club you will be returning to doesn’t quite know what you are doing there. It can’t be easy to hear rumors about your future.

Yet, Juventus needs Paredes to be more like the player from his initial few weeks as a Juve player than the one we’ve seen the previous few months on Tuesday night at the Allianz Stadium. When Locatelli is performing well, we are aware of how this team functions. Paredes cannot be considered to be in the same situation, which is why his future is so uncertain.


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