Keanu Reeves Matrix 4: Keanu Reeves In New Buzz Cut Hair Returned To Set

Keanu Reeves Matrix 4, is now busy filming the movie and in the busy schedule also he does not forget to take some time for his girlfriend. Keanu, 56 for many days now dating Alexandra Grant, 47.

This weekend the Metrix 4 star looked in a whole new look. He had a buzz cut hair and was looking absolutely stunning. Girlfriend Alexandra came to drop off a beau at his hotel. Where he is staying for the sci-fi movie shooting.

Keanu Reeves Matrix 4 is very much close to Keanu Reeves and an important project for his life. He is giving all effort and time for the movie and working hard day and night.

But amid all the busyness he tries to give time to girlfriend Alexandra every weekend. Alexandra has a rented house nearby and he spent every weekend with her in the rented house.

Like every weekend this time also he went to spent time with his lady love and she manages to drop him off at his hotel. Where he spotted in dashing look with Buzz hair cut. Keanu was in a worm hoodie beneath a black blazer.

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He paired it with indigo jeans and tan lace boot. And the just went so well with his look. Keanu spotted smooching girlfriend from the window. Alexandra was all smiling and both seem relaxed and happy.

They had a small chat in the compound and then Alexandra bid adieu to boyfriend with a flying kiss. He was holding a red bag in his hand while he was returning to the hotel.


Keanu Reeves Matrix 4 is the most anticipated and set to release in 2021. The production began in early January this year. Where COVID-19 made some delay during filming the movie.

But everyone is now returning to the set and the production is going on in full swing.

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