Laguna Beach cast reunites for first time in 14 years

Laguna beach cast reunion: 

Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County cast reunites for the first time in 14 years. On October 23, The cast of Laguna Beach had a reunion virtually on IG TV. Formal rivals Kristene Cavallari and Lauren Conrad and the cause of their feud Stephen Colletti met online because of COVID 19 pandemics.

Laguna beach cast reunion
Laguna Beach, The Real Orange County show:

It’s a reality television series and was on MTV. Based on the personal lives of students attending Laguna Beach High School. Tony Di Santo was the executive producer and the show ran till November 2006. Liz Gately was the original creator of the show. Lauren Conrad and Kristene Cavallari were the narrators of the show in different seasons.

How did it end? 

The Real Orange County received moderately Fair reviews from the critics. Critics described it as a guilty pleasure. It was supposed to be a documentary about the student’s life. Because of the incident of indecent exposure of performer Janet Jackson, the school committee raised questions about the producer’s credibility, to operate in an academic setting.


The PTC (Parent Television Council) criticized the show because they felt the content of the show was sexually explicit and profane. The PTC also criticized MTV and argued its censorship was useless.

Covid 19 and Virtual reunion:
Laguna beach cast reunion was virtual.

A virtual reunion happened after 14 years since the show was stopped airing. They met online due to the Covid 19 regulations. While the cast was happy about the reunion, Kristene was unhappy about the portrayal of her highschool life. She felt used and manipulated.

Season of Reunion :

Mean Girls cast also reunited virtually over the 2020 presidential vote. Katie Coric made the cast of Mean Girls meet virtually along with writer and costar Tina Fey. It was the first time after the movie that the cast reunited.

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