Longmire’s season 6, Release Date, Cast, Plot and FAQs


Longmire, the popular crime drama series, came to an end with its sixth season. Fans well received Longmire’s season 6, providing resolution to lingering issues and giving the actors room to showcase their talents. However, the ending did not completely satisfy all fans. In this article, we will take a look at the highlights of the final season and examine the reactions of fans.

Longmire's season 6 is the final season


Robert Taylor as Walt Longmire

In the previous season, Robert Taylor’s character, Walt Longmire, had become obsessed with Jacob Nighthorse. However, in Longmire’s season 6, he returned to a more balanced view of Nighthorse and even developed a newfound appreciation for him. This change in perspective was a result of the revelation that Malachi Strand (played by Graham Greene) was the true villain of the season.

Supporting Characters

As usual, Longmire relied on his friend Henry Standing Bear (played by Lou Diamond Phillips) and his deputies Vic Moretti (played by Katee Sackhoff) and Ferg (played by Adam Bartley) to assist with the investigation and capture of criminals in their county in Wyoming. The theme of drugs and corruption, which plagues the entire country, was also present in the series.

Walt’s Daughter Cady

Walt’s daughter Cady (played by Cassidy Freeman) had been in the good graces of the Cheyenne nation in the previous season. However, in Longmire’s season 6, she fell out of favor after an incident involving a Cheyenne child with Scarlet Fever. A former colleague of Walt’s named Zach (played by Barry Sloane) detained Cady, and she almost left the town.

Vic’s Pregnancy and Grief

Vic was pregnant at the end of the previous season. In Longmire’s season 6, she suffered a tragic loss after somebody shot her and she lost the baby. The series explored Vic’s grieving process and gave Katee Sackhoff a chance to showcase her emotional range.

Walt and Vic’s Relationship

Many fans of the books had hoped that Walt and Vic would have a romantic relationship in the TV series, as they did in the books. In season six, Vic made it clear that she loved Walt, but never explicitly said the words. Eventually, Walt made a move, despite the fact that he was her boss. However, some fans were disappointed with the way their relationship ended.

Final Episode And Conclusion

Mixed reactions greeted Longmire’s season 6 of the series. Some fans felt that the ending was too sweet and fluffy, while others appreciated the happy endings for the characters.

Longmire’s season 6 brought the series to a fitting end, providing resolution to many lingering issues and giving the actors room to showcase their talents. While not all fans were completely satisfied with the ending, the series as a whole was well-received. The character of Walt Longmire, played by Robert Taylor, inspired admiration for his moral uprightness and good heart. Fans who tuned in for six seasons of thrilling action and suspense will miss the series.

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