Man repeller is shutting down months after its founder took a ‘step back’

Man repeller is shutting down months after it’s founder to step back as it is failed to deliver the motive

Initial stage of man repeller:

Leandro medine is an American Author who founded “man repeller” in 2010. Her website is one of the website which gained more attention at their initial stage. Within 3 days of startup refinery29 has featured man repeller

Their work:

As the name suggest “man repeller” simply works in the trends which women loves and men hates. Leandra medina claims that this website is created to celebrate individuality their name suggests something opposite


In recent years company has started facing criticism over its lack of diversity. Former black employees has also claimed discrimination in the company

Man Repeller shutting :

Man Repeller shutting down

Recently man repeller has also change their name to repeller for avoiding backlash. Recently Leandra medina has confirmed the report statement to The cut that man repeller is shutting.

Reason she gave was lack of funding. Although medina clarified that she offered severance pay to all her employee

She said :“I am confirming  that Repeller ,formerly known as man repelleris ending operations and offering severance pay”.

She has also mentioned due to financial constraints she no longer been able to continue with company. With these words she confirmed that man repeller is shutting.

Medina Cohen took “step back “ from the company later she issued 2 apology letter for the same. Her first apology letter came in June first where she supported black life matters campaign and faced many backlash, As her company was the one who discriminated against black employees, people responded negatively

With scandals , backlashes and following controversies it man repellents shutting has not been a big shock. When medina step back she wrote in a statement “so I am going to step back and let them show you” for her  company

I think this company started with a great motive to encourage women simply to voice their choice. But in recent years it has lost it purpose of course followed by lots of scandal.

Although reason was given financial constraint but this all above conditions has added fuel to fire. Eventually shutting man repeller.