Marvel Reportedly considering Disney plus for Black widow Now

Black widow on Disney plus ?:

Have you heard the quote: “Blame it on corona”?, NO? Ok, we made it up. But as a fan of Marvel movies what else can we do? After transferring many of their movies to online streaming platforms they kept Black widow for theatrical release. Now we might have to watch Black widow on Disney plus, and its theatrical release is in jeopardy.

After being hit by an ongoing pandemic many businesses be it small or big are facing trouble, in that profit margins. And movie industry is no exception. In spite of helping us to survive this pandemic lockdown, they are forced to premiere their movies on online streaming sites. We can’t really complain about it, can we?

However, movies like Black widow are meant for theatrical release. And we are excited as you are for 7th May 2021. Release date of the movie which we got after lots of calculations so that we can enjoy it in Theatres. Now we might get to watch Black widow on Disney plus.

Why is it Reported that Black widow on Disney plus?

We have seen are the reports, now let’s see why we are estimating that Black widow on Disney plus? The answer is loud and clear because corona’s soul hasn’t departed to another world yet and it is with us going strong. One thing is good we have vaccines now, let’s leave this discussion for now.

As corona is still affecting many lives and vaccinations may take some time to reach every corner and show its positive effect. It will be 7th May 2021, it’s like we are time travelling. And lifting public restrictions can be risky. So we might have to watch, Black widow on Disney plus.

However nothing is confirmed from marvel or Disney, but there are possibilities.

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Marvel’s Loss :

Black widow on Disney plus
After Mulan, Now Black widow on Disney plus?

Another Disney plus release will definitely a loss especially for movies like a black widow. However, Mulan did pretty well so fingers crossed. But what profit marvel movie is getting from the theatrical release. If by any chance Black widow on Disney plus premiered, the profit will be much less.

Watch the Black widow Trailer Here, while praying for corona to end so we can enjoy our normal lives like before.

And tell us for which movie you are eagerly waiting to enjoy in Theatres?

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