Marvel’s What if….? Show Brings Back Frank Grillo as Crossbones, the Main Captain America Antagonist

Frank Grillo as crossbones in What if:

Frank Grillo reprising his role as Crossbones in What if….? As he is no stranger to Marvel fans. He is one of the main antagonists in Captain America. Crossbones is one of the strongest villains in MCU. Skilled in military strategies, martial Arts, and street fighting. His character is most hated by Captain America’s fans. That means he did his job as well as the main Antagonist. To know more about his character and fighting skills click Here.

Therefore, let’s find out more about his upcoming show, and what else he revealed in an interview.

What if….?

  • This will be a brand New Animated series.
  • It will stream on Disney+.
  • What if? Will be the first animated series of the MCU.
  • Actor Frank Grillo as Crossbones in What if after years.
  • The story will be depending on as the name suggest What if…?  The Biggest Moment of MCU occurred differently. This will be very interesting to take on Marvel’s movie.
  • Releasing in 2021. Exact date not known.
  • Fans of MCU are really excited about this series. And so are we.

What Frank Grillo Revealed?

Frank Grillo as crossbones in What if
Frank Grillo as crossbones in What if

When many Marvel characters are obvious to make come back in this much anticipated Animated series. MCU kept some characters, especially those who died in previous movies under the curtain. Frank revealed that he is coming back as the villain.

As this will be Animated series he already recorded for 4-5 episodes which will be coming this year on Disney+. In an interview, he also revealed that this is the kind of offer he can’t ever say no to. It’s like the president inviting you to the White House you don’t ask questions, you just go. Well, we agree with him. And totally excited to watch/heard him in this role again.

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  • What if….? Very first animated series of MCU coming to Disney+ in 2021.
  • Many antagonists and protagonists are returning to the series.
  • As the name suggests series will tell stories about What if things led to wars that don’t really happen.
  • Frank Grillo reprising his role as Crossbones in What if….?