Matt Damon ‘to call Australia home’ while shooting new Thor film Thor: Love and Thunder

Matt Damon in the New Thor film?

After cameo, is Matt Damon in the New Thor film got a bigger role? Well, seems like it. Because Actor and his family landed in Sydney And quarantining as per countries protocol. The shooting of this movie is taking place in Sydney’s Fox studio.

Other Actors starring in the movie Thor: love and Thunder are also in Australia. We are estimating a bigger role for Matt Damon, As 14-day quarantine, going through all corona testings doesn’t really make sense for a cameo.

However, His role is not revealed in Thor: love and Thunder, but we wish to see him more this time. Or he might be playing the same role as he played in a cameo on a previous film with more screen timings. Only time or Matt Damon can tell.

Other Actors starring in Thor: love and Thunder include Chris Pratt, Dave Bautista, Tessa Thompson, Natalie Portman. Matt Damon even Rented a home in Australia previously and lived there for months With family. Now if shooting commences definitely actors have to live in Sydney for quite some time. Maybe he can Call Australia a new home. Natalie Portman is living in Australia for quite a time now.

As Every Actor in a previous movie reprising their role. It will be interesting to see what role is played by Matt Damon in the new Thor movie.

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Thor: love and Thunder:

Matt Damon in New Thor film
Matt Damon in New Thor film

Thor: Love and Thunder are all about Jane Foster getting Thor’s power. Christian Bale is playing Antagonist in the movie. So will be fighting him for sure. This will be the third Marvel studio movie to be filmed in Sydney studio.
Marvel movies are high budget movie and always creates numerous employments. Therefore they are grandly welcomed there. At this point in the world who doesn’t want employment opportunities for their country.

Are you excited about this upcoming Thor movie, Thor: love and thunder. What Do you think, in what role we can see Matt Damon in an upcoming movie?

We will leave you with the Matt Damon scene in the previous Thor movie to have you a better Idea. Click here to watch