McDonald’s CEO sued for lying and fraud

McDonald's CEO (former), dragged into courts
Mc Donald's former CEO, Steve Easterbrook sued by the company

McDonald’s CEO (former), Steve Easterbrook had to leave the company last fall for sexting with a subordinate. He again is under charges and accusations over hiding evidences of having a sexual relationship while working for the company.

McDonald's CEO (former), dragged into courts
Mc Donald’s former CEO, Steve Easterbrook sued by the company

Eight months back after the accusation, Easterbrook walked away with compensation of 10 million USD. An anonymous source last month brought new accusations against the former McDonald’s CEO. the accusation says that Easterbrook was in a sexual relationship with one of the company employee he was still working for the fast food chain. McDonald’s filed legal actions against its former CEO for lying, fraudulent behavior and hiding evidences.

The fast food leader filled a lawsuit in the state court of Delaware. The company puts forward that Easterbrook had a sexual relationship with three employees over last years before his expulsion. He also gave a juicy amount of shares to one of the employees.


Mc Donald’s words and actions

Easterbrook’s successor, Chris Kempczinski agrees that the corporate should emphasize more on integrity, inclusion of the local communities and supporting them. He said,

“McDonald’s does not tolerate behavior from any employee that does not reflect our values,”

In addition, he said,

“As we recommit to our values, now, more than ever, is the time to lean in to what we stand for and act as a positive force for change.”

Generally, the American companies follow up the silent procedure.  When any of their senior executives have any sexually allegations. But, McDonald’s has gone beyond the traditional way. It has exposed the wrong that happened in the company while Easterbrook was leading it.

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