Michael B Jordan in talks to make Directorial Debut with ‘Creed 3’

Michael B Jordan’s directional debut is happening soon with ‘Creed 3’:

Michael B Jordan’s directional debut is it happening soon. He
 is an American actor and producer and he also worked as a child model for many companies .

He began his career with the NBC drama ‘Friday night lights’. In the same year he also appeared in Burn notice as a guest star. However Michael played the character of Adonis Donnie creed in creed franchise and Black panthers kill monger is one of his note worthy work.

Michael B Jordan creed
Michael B Jordan’s directional debut

If Michael B Jordan’s directional debut with creed 3 is understandable because he is no stranger in this franchise. But it’s never certain that he take this offer.

However it also important to note there is no official announcement  has made by Michael to support this report

Michael Jordan’s directional debut speculations :

His directional debut speculation has been started when his name was mentioned between talks on who will direct Creed 3. He was offered this position by creed franchise producer Irwin Winkler.

He said :“I promised Michael B Jordan that he’d get his chance to direct creed 3, so I offered him the opportunity to not only star in but also to direct creed 3”

Creed 3 has now been in news for quite a sometime now as MGM approached king Richard to write the script.

However it is unclear if all former members like Sylvester Stallone and Thessa Thompson will also return to creed franchise. Release date and shooting schedules are also yet to be decided as production details are yet to be Unknown.

As second movie of the series was great success, audiences are eagerly waiting for third installment of creed. As speculations of Michael B Jordan’s directional debut is increasing people are getting more interested in this movie. It is safe to say that this news has created lot of trivia among audience.

According to the ‘deadline’ Michael B Jordan has tapped to both act abs and direct creed 3. No other details have been given other than this .

Recently it was reported that Michael B Jordan will serve as a producer on Warner bros and DC’s static shock movie . As he is great producer and actor it’s great to see how will he do his directional duties Hence, his directional debut is something we can look forward to.

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