Michael Cohen

Michael Cohen heading back to prison for violating terms of COVID-19 release.  The former Trump lawyer and so proclaim fixer was arrested Thursday morning July 9, 2020. The reason for this according to the “Bureau of prisons” was refusing to abide by the conditions of his house arrest. The 53-year-old Michael Cohen was released from prison in May 2020 amid fears of the coronavirus.

It is a well-known fact that the virus spreads rapidly in prisons. Cohen was released having served one year of his three-year sentence. He crimes including paying off former from Trump mistresses to ensure their silence before the election. Though he did this on Trump’s behalf there’s no evidence that Trump actually ordered to do it. That being said this is not the reason for his return to prison.

Michael Cohen heading back to prison

Return to prison


Michael Cohen Is the return to prison for the breach of several for his home arrest. One of these conditions was supposedly remaining home. While no actual evidence has been provided as of yet there are witnesses who claim to have seen Cohen in public. Specifically, at a high-end New York City in early July. While this is possibly a major violation of the conditions of his home confinement’s it’s not the primary one. The primary violation he committed was interacting with the media, specifically in this case book publishing.

As part of Michael Cohen release from prison into a home confinement he signed a document. Part of this document stipulated that he would not interact any media whatsoever. This would have also prevented the release of his tell-all book about Donald Trump. Though Michael Cohen was aware that publishing the book would violate the terms of his home confinement he proceeded. A statement given by his lawyer Cohen claims he did not think it was lawful to give up his First Amendment rights. Regardless of whether or not it was he is now facing the consequences of that decision by returning to prison.

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