Mourning on Televisia: Ricardo Blume, actor of ” Mundo de Juge” and “Maria la del Barrio” died.

Mourning on Televisia Ricardo Blume died:

Mourning on Televisia, because Ricardo Blume, the actor of ” Mundo de Juge” and “Maria la del Barrio” died. He died at the age of 87 because of a lung infection. The  National Association of Interpreters(ANDI) announced his death through the actor’s Twitter account. They informed their condolences to all his family and friends.

Mourning on Televisia Ricardo Blume died

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Ricardo Blume:

He was born in Lima Peru but was famous for his work in Mexico. Blume was famous for his work in telenovelas such as Mundo de Juge, Maria la del Barrio, Italian Girl Comes to Marry, etc. Ricardo began his TV career with shows like Simply Maria, Italian Girl Comes to Marry, etc. He also worked as a theatre director. During the 80s he put a hiatus in his television career, a medium to which he returned with the new decade in Reaching a Star.

 How did Ricardo Blume die?:

The cause of the death of Ricardo Blume is not yet officially revealed. However, the news claimed he had pneumonia. The ministry of Peru for culture has issued a message to mourn because the death of Ricardo is trending on Twitter.

Ricardo Blume on his Life:

In an interview, Ricardo reveals his introvert side. He says he led a simple life, with his feet firmly planted on the ground.  Ricardo never liked to go to parties. He was so shy that girls had to take initiative for him to dance. Even on his birthdays, he would meet only his close family and granddaughters. The theatre helped him lose his shyness.

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