Murder Hornets Return: Washington Citizens Not Happy Concerning Removal

Murder Hornets are back, and no one’s happy. Just because they disappeared from the headlines doesn’t mean they’re gone forever it seems. Etymologist from the Washington state Department of Agriculture on Thursday located the first ever Asian giant Hornets nest in the United States in the town of Blaine on private persons property. Using a unique trap the researchers tagged and marked several captured hornets with radio trackers which they used to lead them to the nest.

The Danger of these Invaders

murder hornets
These dangerous pests pose a threat to our native species.

The cavity of a tree was found on private property housing a nest full of wasps that usually don’t appear in America. The workers found dozens of hornets entering and leaving the tree. First discovered in Washington state in December of 2019, Asian giant Hornets are an invasive species that were never native to the US until now. They are the world’s largest hornet and they eat honey bees and other insects, often making them their prey.

Murder Hornets To Be Removed Soon

Asian Hornets will kill an entire honeybee hive in a few hours. These pests often nest in the ground, but can also nest in trees. These dangerous pests pose a threat to us, and our natural wildlife. The wildlife near these hornets are not equipped to fight them. Additionally, these hornets eat many helpful members of our ecosystem. They’re prey include bees, bee killers, and normal wasps. The owner of the property gave the group permission to eradicate these Wasps and remove the entire tree if necessary. They plan to remove the tree on October 24th. The group has also set up a network of traps around the state. They hope to eradicate these Asian giant wasps permanently before the problem gets any worse. Let’s hope they’re successful.

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