Nalini attempted Suicide in Vellore prison!

Nalini attempted Suicide in Vellore prison, reportedly, after an argument with a jailer.

Nalini Sriharan, one among the seven convicts within the former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi assassination case, tried suicide within the Vellore Special jail for women on Mon night, told P Pugalenthi, her lawyer.

Pugalendhi elucidating the same said that Nalini and her jail mate, who is additionally a life convict, had lots of dissimilarities between them.

The unfold of the incident!

The jailer came to Nalini’s cell at around 8:30pm on a Monday evening to investigate, regarding the oral grievance given by her jail mate. Further, the enquiry led to an argument due to which Nalini tried to finish her life, by strangulating herself with a piece of cloth. She was annoyed by jail authorities the lawyer claimed.

Pugalendhi further mentioned that this was the primary time Nalini had tried suicide within the last twenty-nine years. The incident came about before the keeper.

He aforementioned, adding that Nalini is probably going to speak to her mother via phone on Wednesday. He superimposed that a proper letter seeking Nalini’s transfer from Vellore jail was being sent to cabinet minister S K Prabhakar and DGP J K Tripathy.

However, each police and jail department officers exploded at Pugalenthi’s for her version wherein she states that Nalini had only threatened to commit suicide. Further, they have stated that her health condition is all good.

Unleash from the jail denied!

Though the Tamil Nadu Cabinet had counseled their unleash from jail, the proposal is unfinished with Governor Banwarilal Purohit. The Centre has been keeping up for long that Nalini and the others can’t be discharged from jail.

She did create numerous requests and petitions for early unleash within the past decade that have conjointly been rejected by the upper judiciary. Nalini had for the primary time come out on parole last year to organise and devise for her daughter’s wedding.

Nalini attempted Suicide in Vellore prison! To further add to that, Nalini is the longest-serving woman prisoner. She is serving her life term at the Central jail in Vellore, for the past twenty-nine years for her part in the assassination of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in Sriperumbudur on May 21, 1991.

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