NASA astronauts riding SpaceX capsule

NASA astronauts riding SpaceX capsule poised for weekend return, whether permitting. At 7:35 PM ET SpaceX Dragon capsule endeavor detached the international space with its original crew to return home. This marks the beginning of the final part of the two months maned test mission for the SpaceX capsule. The mission began on May 31 should end at 2:48pm ET Sunday with a water in the Gulf of Mexico. That is, if weather conditions remain ideal, if they don’t the capsule will have to alter its orbit. This would entail either another orbit around the entirety of Earth or emergency alternate site being used.

Actually, the Gulf of Mexico is an alternate landing site at the original choice was Atlantic Ocean. However, this was ruled out due to tropical storm Isaias was expected to become to become a hurricane/cyclone on Sunday. Regardless, with NASA astronauts riding the space X capsule back to earth mark the successful completion of several first. The historic one being the successful completion of a first man flight of a civilian made spacecraft. The other first is for NASA’s first manned mission to space not have to use Russia space program in nine years.


The Future


The NASA astronauts riding SpaceX capsule back to earth potentially marks the beginning of chapter of space travel. Indeed, this two-month long mission which began with the launch of SpaceX Dragon capsule endeavor has been a test. Specifically, it’s been a test of the man/passenger variation of the SpaceX capsule. The company had already proven that spacecraft were able to carry supplies up to orbit and return.

Additionally, the company had also that its system was fully functional and reusable. A feature that no other space vehicle can claim, even the US space shuttle had non-reusable (external fuel tank) parts. When the NASA astronauts safely return on the SpaceX capsule a new age of ground to orbit flights will begin. NASA already has a contract in place SpaceX stating they will rent seats on the capsule for their astronauts. This will provide NASA the extra resources it needs or other outer space missions.

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