Neck pain problem due to work from home

Work from home could be easy in the beginning but it turns into a burden after a few weeks. Most of the people are going through this situation these days where they are working from home for weeks. No office-like setup, no proper sitting arrangement and no time-table.

The complaints of neck and postural problems have increased due to the poor seating arrangement. Work from home has been the latest culprit to affect the skeletal health of the people and a lot of people are facing issues with their necks and backs these days.

The problem is when you sit on a sofa, a couch or even your bed, you don’t maintain a correct posture. You end up slouching yourself and putting your head forward. This eventually results in an unnatural curvature in the spine. Pain in shoulders, back and neck pain, which may result in chronic pain in your neck and back.

Here are easy tips that will help your neck and back feel better

Maintain good posture

When you are sitting upright, it could lead to stiffness and back pain, if the posture is not changed for several hours. The body needs flexibility and movement to prevent stiffness. Sitting straight for long hours may lead to muscle stiffness and back pain by the end of the day. You need to keep moving and do adjustments to prevent neck pain.

Don’t slouch

Slouching can be the cause of sore trigger points, tension headaches, numbness in the arms, and neck pain. You must stop leaning forward or slouch as it puts a lot of pressure on your spine and neck. It is better if you keep a pillow at the back to support your neck. This will provide support and prevent neck pain.

Keep switching and breaks

Do not sit at one position for long hours. In order to prevent pain in your neck, shoulders and back, keep switching between different chairs and sitting surfaces. Do things on your own whether it be making coffee or drinking water and try to take 5-minute break every hour. This would help in keeping you active and refreshed.

Set your workplace

The best way to prevent neck pain while you are working from home, set up your workplace. To make your sitting space comfortable, you can add a pillow underneath your seat and a soft towel around the back of chair.

 Keep your screen at eye level

To reduce neck pain, place the computer monitor directly in front and facing you. A screen that is too high or low can also cause neck and shoulder strain. Even a screen that is just a little lower than eye level is going to have a crucial effect on the neck over a long period of time.

Some activity to relief from neck pain

Stretch – This will help work out the twist in your muscles and relieve stress at the same time. Also helps to prevent the muscles strain.

Exercise – Exercise releases hormones that combat stress and make you feel good. It builds and strengthens muscles, which can protect the bones from injury, and support, that will help you to maintain proper posture.

Massage – Going for a massage can help to work out some of the tension. A gentle massage or a rub around the painful area can alleviate the pain and improve the flow of blood.

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