Netflix announces Famous Spanish series Elite’s remake, Class. Trailer Out!

You may recall the controversial Las Encinas school and its students Samuel, Guzman, Nadia, Carla, Cayetana, Lucrecia, and Rebeca if you’ve watched Netflix’s Elite. If the Spanish series’ five seasons weren’t enough, streaming giant Netflix has now debuted Class, an official remake of the show in India.

The platform live-streamed many shows on Saturday during its Tudum broadcast, but Class attracted everyone’s attention because of its similarity to Elite.

Carlos Montero and Dario Madrona’s version of the well-known Spanish television series Elite, Class, has debuted on Netflix India. In this young adult series, families, relationships, and the lives of students from prominent families are upended by the tumultuous events that result from the collision of two worlds. Three new students from very diverse origins throw the dynamics of this urban neighborhood at New Delhi’s upscale Hampton International into turmoil.

Class Teaser Is Out Now

The Class teaser, which highlights the young cast, was presented today at Netflix’s global fan event, Tudum. The series directed by Ashim Ahluwalia and produced by Bodhitree Multimedia Limited in collaboration with Future East, features leading performances from:

  • Gurfateh Pirzada,
  • Anjali Sivaraman,
  • Ayesha Kanga,
  • Chayan Chopra,
  • Chintan Rach,
  • Cyaawal Singh,
  • Madhyama Segal,
  • Moses Koul,
  • Naina Bhan,
  • Piyush Khati, and
  • Zeyn Shaw.

A compelling thriller series with a Hampton International-themed school setting is promised in the two-minute series teaser. When the need to survive is great, emotions are rife, and all reason is corrupted. Even though the smallest trigger can cause poor judgment or even criminal activity. Three scholarship students from the other side of the tracks, who have nothing to lose, are joining the elite academy of students who have the entire world in the palm of their hands. What happens when these two bleak worlds meet? Everyone is a suspect as conflicts simmer in the classroom and secrets become deeper.

When everyone placed together, routes cross, beliefs clash, and emotions are high at Hampton International, mishaps and mayhem will ensue. Chaos is just around the corner, like any emotional upheaval. However, when murder involved, betrayals become common and nobody can trust. After all, secret romances often result in secret betrayals!

Experience of Director: Bringing Class to life

Ashim Ahluwalia, the film’s director, said of the experience of bringing Class to life: “As a filmmaker and storyteller, Class, a universe I always imagined designing for India. The adventures of each character are surprising and captivating. Young people are often impulsive and extremely emotional, which can lead to dramatic conflict. Nobody stays the same, and the complexities of the story make it an exhilarating, compulsive watch. We have enjoyed working with the entire Class crew, especially the young cast. Also, we can’t wait for the public to see this teaser and get a look at this fascinating world.”

“With Class, we thrilled to bring to life the Indian adaptation of the much-adored Spanish series Elite,” said Tanya Bami, Series Head, Netflix India. With well-liked series like Mismatched and Kota Factory expanding our young adult series slate, Class will further strengthen this lineup. Class crosses two worlds inside the same city and has an all-star ensemble cast of young actors. They providing a greater understanding of the youths at the center of the story and their conflicts, difficulties, and affinities. For viewers of all generations, Class is an experience should not missed.

Class does not yet have a release date, but the Spanish series is preparing for its next 6th season, which is most likely to air in 2023. Bodhitree Multimedia Limited and Future East collaborated to develop Class.

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