Netflix| Project Power review- All you need to know about this movie.

Project Power, a Netflix movie was released today (14 August) with high expectations. The trailer featured various supernatural powers and a unique concept. Most of the plot explained in the trailer itself, the movie did not have anything unpredictable. People’s Project Power review, Inclined towards the wrong side, had mixed talk.

About the Plot.

Project Power review

The story revolves around a pill which grants superpowers to the taker. Although the superpowers are really powerful, they exist no more than 5 minutes. The story doesn’t end there. You do not know what a particular pill would unleash which kind of super power until you consume it. Consumption can even be fatal! This drug pill in the hands of the evil could destroy the city. A local cop, a teenage dealer and a former soldier team up to stop the destruction caused by pill. While Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays the role of cop, Dominique Fishback and Jamie Foxx play teenage dealer and soldier.

Project Power review.

As powerful the trailer seems and interesting plot suggests, the movie had nothing more. They literally explained every details in monologue. In the age of under-explained mind bending shows, over-explanation makes it a kid’s movie. It had mixed scenes switching randomly just like mood swings-confused. Cheesy dialogues and cringey raps makes it more lame. In era of high quality superhero movies, people expect quality in content. As much texture the plot had, the main content didn’t.

Although every time a new superpower unleashes it is a bit eye amusing. But the never returning of the specific superpower is a bit disappointing. The lead roles Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Dominique Fishback showed their best version. But someone had to put sloppy dialogues in their mouth. Their escape scenes from the villains were also a big worth watching. In overall movie felt empty inside with a powerful plot outside. Seems like this cover was more beautiful than the book.


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