No timeline for Mallya’s extradition: UK envoy!

No timeline for Mallya's extradition to India: says UK envoy! He said that he couldn’t say anything regarding the timescales of his extradition.


The UK government cannot fix a timeline for surrender of the renegade man of affairs Vijay Mallya. Although the government is set on to make sure that criminals cannot escape justice by crossing over national boundary, British diplomatist Sir Philip Barton aforesaid on Thursday.

Asked through an internet media briefing, whether or not Mallya has sought-after asylum within the Britain, the envoy stated that his government never comments on such matters.

Barton said that the UK government and also the courts are fully clear regarding their roles in averting folks avoid justice by moving to a different country.

He further mentioned that they are all determined to play their half in any case, and to make certain that they have a tendency to operate jointly to make sure that criminals don’t get away with justice by moving beyond national borders.

He stated that the surrender of Mallya is a current legal case and the UK government doesn’t have anything new thereon.

No timeline for Mallya’s extradition to India: says UK envoy!

He said that the extradition of Vijay Mallya is a current legal case and that he couldn’t comment on that. Furthermore, he also mentioned that he couldn’t say anything regarding the timescales of his extradition, he said this in response to a question that asked him about the take of UK authorities in context to Mallya’s extradition to India.

Also, the newly-appointed envoy told that the UK government is alert to the importance the Asian nation attaches to the case.

In addition, India had urged the United Kingdom to not take into account any request for asylum by Mallya as, there was an impression of no ground for his abuse within the country.

In May, Mallya lost his appeals within the UK’s Supreme Court against his surrender to India to face concealment and fraud charges.

The UK high court’s call disappointed the 64-year-old businessperson because it came weeks after that he lost his appeal in the supreme court in Apr against the extradition order to the Republic of India.

A representative within the British embassy had mentioned last month that there was a legal issue that required to be resolved before Mallya’s surrender is arranged for. No timeline for Mallya’s extradition to India: says UK envoy!

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