Olivia Newton-John Announces ONJ foundation

Olivia Newton-John Announces the ONJ foundation. She gets emotional over the diagnosis of her breast cancer in 1992. This foundation promises to help women with the disease. She plans to have a world beyond cancer. Because she is a cancer patient herself, she knows the pain.
Olivia Newton-John announces the ONJ-foundation for cancer.

The talent: She is a British- Australian singer, actor, songwriter, entrepreneur, activist, and humanitarian. She won the Grammy award 4 times in her lifetime. She was 29 years old when she did the movie Grease.

Battling with cancer: In 1992 the doctors diagnosed her with breast cancer. In the year 2013, she met with a car accident. The doctors then found out that cancer had spread to her shoulder. Last year in 2019 she revealed that her breast cancer has spread in the form of a tumor into her spine.

The ONJ foundation: Olivia Newton-John cancer wellness and research center associate itself to this foundation. This foundation is based in Austin hospital. Olivia’s life experiences inspire ONJ’s goals. The focus of this foundation is to find kinder therapies and cure for all kinds of cancer because its painful. This organization is simply trying to make the world a better place for those who are suffering from cancer.

The ONJ and COVID 19: They have taken utmost care and precaution for COVID 19. The ONJ foundation ensures that every patient is well taken care of. They are taking precautions to reduce the death toll of cancer patients due to COVID 19 attacks. The cancer patients are highly vulnerable to COVID 19 due to their compromised immunity.

Speaking about the COVID 19 pandemic,

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Peace and calm: Olivia says she is not fighting with cancer but accepted it and is just asking it to go. She is peaceful, calm, and not unduly worried about the disease. The wise Olivia feels if one embraces the disease, one’s life will also be kind.