PUBG Mobile India MOD APK v1.1 | Download Now Link Released

Latest News PUBG Mobile India’s APK download: The article below will provide you with the download link of the PUBG Mobile India Mod apk version v1.1 direct download link. These updates have various major and minor updates, and these features are only limited to the Indian version of the game. Here in this article, you will be informed about all the new features such as graphics, upgrades, and every information that you need to know.

PUBG Mobile India MOD APK is a well-developed gaming platform only for India after its ban by the Indian government that gets developed for making shooting skills more enjoyable. PUBG Mobile India is Unbanned earlier this week. It comes with various new and upgraded weapons with Graphics similar to the Korean and global versions.

Graphics of PUBG Mobile India version v1.1:

One of the main features that attract gamers towards PUBG Mobile is its realistic graphics. PUBG Mobile India has similar graphics and UI as the Korean and Global Version.

The latest version v1.1 not only haves better overall graphics than others but it will also bring many new gun skins and character outfits that will also be one of the key attractions for the users.

Latest Features of PUBG Mobile India v1.1:

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PUBG Mobile India MOD Apk
PUBG Mobile India MOD Apk

Latest Apk will introduce users to many of the new fascinating features which are worth giving a shot. Here is a list of some features that one shall try and share with their friends too.

1.Latest upgraded weapons

All the users who will download the latest PUBG Mobile India MOD Apk will get a surprise with many new and upgraded weapons. A new M203 Grenade Launcher will be available in this game file. Other than this an upgraded Thikar rifle with more power will now be available in the game.

2. Latest Metro Exodus Themed map:

PUBG Corporation has already announced the arrival of patch 1.1 in the global version, and this update brings many changes, which include a new game mode called Metro Royale. Players can also expect a new underground world to explore as well as Metro-themed rewards. Other than this, new maps, new skins, and tons of bug fixes are also included with this update to version v1.1.


3. Miscellaneous interesting features

Other than the above-mentioned features PUBG Mobile India MOD Apk will also introduce many more exciting features such as Melee Throw, 400 Gyro sensitivity, Warehouse 2.0, Exo suit, Spike Trap, etc. These features are expected to arrive anywhere around forthcoming updates of the game.

FAQ’s about PUBG Mobile India MOD Apk v1.1

Q.Can Indian players play PUBG Mobile?

Ans: Despite the ban of PUBG Mobile in India users were having the access to play the game. But now as the game is just about to unban, players will be free to play the India version of the game.

Q. Is it safe to play the PUBG Mobile India version?

Ans: Is the PUBG Mobile is coming with an India version of the game and the below Download link is free from any such virus or malware, it is now totally safe to play.

Q. List of latest features of PUBG Mobile India version.

Ans: PUBG Mobile India version provides many new features such as:

  • Upgraded Weapons
  • Metro Exodus Themed map
  • Melee Throw
  • 400 Sensitivity Gyroscope
  • Many more Bug fixes and features described above…

Pubg Mobile India Installation full guide 

Direct Download link – It Will be given here as soon as the APK will be released …