Punky Brewster star soleil Moon Frye, splits with Jason Goldberg after 22 years of marriage

Punky Brewster star soleil moon Frye and producer Jason Goldberg separated after 22 years of marriage. See the reason and more details.


Soleil Frye and Jason Goldberg separated :

Punky Brewster’s Soleil Frye and Jason Goldberg separated after 22 years of marriage. The couple got married in 1998. Couple has 4 children together. They took his decision without any legal battle and all. They revealed that their priority is still their children and just wanted to be a great parent.

This year we have heard many celebrities’ wedding bells but divorce has also become a trend. All we can say is what a year! Let’s see what really happened between this couple, their relationship timeline, and more about their children.

Reason for separation:

The couple hasn’t talked about the reason as of now. But they do reveal that they just want to live with love and compassion. They share 4 beautiful children together it is essential to have their best interest.

Punky Brewster star Frye and producer Goldberg were together for more than 2 decades. They married in 1998 in a traditional Jewish ceremony. The later couple also married in 2008 as they marked a decade together.

How they met and family :

Soleil Frye and Jason Goldberg separated after 22 years of marriage

As Jason is the producer they met during some script reading and as we know the rest is history. They married, had kids together, and now quietly separated.
They have 2 daughters poet Sienna Rose, Jagger Joseph blue, and 2 sons Lyrics Sony road and story.

Now, Soleil moon Frye is all set for punky Brewster Sequel as a single mother.

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Soleil talking about parenting:

Soleil has been always vocal about parenting and childbirth stuff. The interview she reveals that sometimes the mother of 4 Soleil is also afraid is doing her stuff right. However, she understood that it’s not all about perfection. Soleil Frye and Jason Goldberg are great parents always seen with their family together.


  • Soleil Frye and Jason Goldberg separated after 22 years of their marriage.
  • Their priority will always be their children
  • They have four children together.
  • Frye will be seen in the Punky Brewster sequel.
  • The reason for separation is not known yet

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