Realme Watch Official Teaser Released

Chinese company Realme is set to release his first smart tv on 25 May. After smart TV announcement Realme is now set to launch its first watch. Realme now teased his watch on official teaser page for India. After so many leaks and rumors the Realme confirmed to launch Realme Watch with 1.4 inch display.  The teaser page also share some information like watch customisability with two different straps and also some features like heart beat measure, 24/7 Health Activity and also some intelligent activities like sleeping hours, weights, exercise etc.

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Realme Teased his Smartwatch with design, it has thick bezels and a chin that having realme branding. The Realme watch having 1.4 inch touchscreen display. The Realme also claiming it is the biggest screen in the price segments. The Realme watch contains various straps with different coulors like red, green, blue etc. There is also a classic strap i.e. Black strap. There is an upcoming strap which is a fashion strap but it is coming soon.

Features of Realme Watch :-

Lets talk about some key features of realme watch. Although Realme is claiming that realme will have most of the many features now lets talk about important and newe features which we are getting in realme watch:-

  • Realme Watch will have 14 Sport modes training includidng football, cycling, badminton, basketball, biking and many more training mode.
  • Realme Watch having an intelligent 24/7 Health assistant which keeps on tracking of activity.
  • The most common feature of fitness watch i.e. real time heart rate monitoring system
  • The realme watch having SpO2 sensor which tells about shortage of oxygen the blood.
  • You can also control notifications, musics and camera using realme watch.

Launch Date of Realme Watch :

Realme Watch will be launched on 25th May via live streaming with his first smartTv launch. So 25th May will be exciting for Realme Lovers

How to Control Realme watch using Mobile?

You can control your realme watch by downloading official app i.e. Realme Link app from playstore for android and appstore for iOS. This app will connect your watch with smartphone via Bluetooth. All the tracking data like health, heart monitor, exercise done etc. will be stored in this app. You can track your day time activities by opening this app.

The app is available only on playstore but soon will be available for your device like iOS


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