Salma Hayek shares video Hinting which celeb she’s Dressing up as for Halloween

Salma Hayek Halloween dress is creating quite a buzz since she shared a video on Instagram. Salma Hayek has been quite active on Instagram lately. And she is clearly acing this social media game.

Salma Hayek Halloween dress
Salma Hayek Halloween dress

About the video she posted :

A day before Halloween she shared the video of Angelina Jolie dressing up for her character In famous Disney movie ‘The Maleficent’. It was an time lapse video which shows Angelina’s full transformation. She captioned her post as : “ Have you already picked your costumes for Halloween”.

However it is not clear that Salma Hayek Halloween dress is gonna be this Disney character or she is just giving some outfit inspo to her fans .
Salma Hayek having more than 16 millions of followers on Instagram made her fans think how will she carry this look.
Some fans in the comment section has also quoted if she is dressing up like The maleficent Angelina jolie should also see and react on her look .

About Salma Hayek Halloween dress inspired insta posts :  

Halloweens are always great time to dress up and to keep an eye on what our favorite celebrities are wearing .

This year it’s different because of Corona we all are not expecting big parties and all.
However thing like this is definitely keeping us excited in this festive season .

It will be really interesting to watch Salma Hayek Halloween dress this year as this Disney character. Altogether Salma Hayek is known for her dressing up game. And in her recent posts on Instagram it is shown that how exited she is for Halloween’s.

Earlier she has also posted what can be the best color for Halloween. She can’t help but to put few pumpkin emojis in her caption. Orange is definitely the best color for Halloween she quoted. In one of her post she recreated 90s look and wrote party like it’s 90s

It seems like celebrities is just no different from us when it comes to Halloween fever , because Halloween is all about dressing up ,parties ,candies ,pumpkins and pretty much everything that gives us happiness. What are your thoughts on her  Halloween dress choice.