A strive to make their world, a better place to live. Abided by government rules will they be able to have their freedom to express themselves. Shimoneta is one of the rarest Anime that has gained immense popularity with just 12 episodes. Shimoneta season 2 release date has been speculated since the first season ended.

Fans of this anime are eagerly waiting for the second edition of the series. So, is there Shimoneta season 2, Release date, cast, changes, and every Trivia you wanna know about this series.

Shimoneta season 2 Release date [Updated]:

Shimoneta Season 2 Release date is Postponed , it will be premiered on November 28, 2021, Due to Delta Plus variant of Covid19.


Let’s understand season 1 of this Anime well. And why the second edition is much more anticipated.

Want to know when the second season is coming out? Keep Reading.

Synopsis/ storyline 

Shimoneta (literal translation- Boring world), where the concept of jokes, dirty jokes is just non-existent.  Imagine wearing a device that literally keeps your every spoken word in check and informs your government about it. Will you be able to live in a world like this?

This story revolves around Tanukichi Okuma who just entered high school. Tanukichi wanted to unite with his crush Anna Nishikinomiyo. However, his fate entangles when he is kidnaped by a terrorist called ”Blue snow”. Who’s sole intention is to make Tanukichi a member of her organization SOX. SOX’s motive is to distribute magazines that contain obscene images which are obviously prohibited by the government. All, just to challenge their policy. What chaos they create because of this propaganda and how will they deal with such consequences is what makes this anime more fun and interesting. It has 12 episodes in total.

The first season came out in 2016. So it’s been 4 years since audiences are waiting for the second season. The author is Hirotaka Akagi.

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Main Characters in season 1 

Shimoneta season 2 Release date

Shimoneta season 2 Release date, character & Trivia

  • Tanukichi Okuma: The main protagonist always wanted to win his crush’s favor. High schooler dealing with his father’s past as a dirty joke terrorist. Always torn between his organization and living a normal life.
  • Anna Nishikinomiyo:  students council president. Her sole intention is to catch terrorist Blue snow. She is the childhood crush of Tanukichi. As her intention is to catch blue snow he is always caught in between his organization and his love interests. However, she is also interested in Tanukichi after that accidental kiss with him. She is a very powerful character.
  • Otome Saotome: Great is a great artist. Won many awards for her painting. She once saw Tanukichi in SOX uniform and blackmail him to follow her orders. However, she later joins this organization just to learn how to draw this kind of artwork. She draws using her mouth as her hand motions can be detected by the government.
  • Hyouka Fuwa: A sharp observer, who just wants to know how the population is increasing. Often helps SOX. However, she is never an official Sox member. But she is curious as a cat. Revealing childbirth mysteries.
  • Raiki Guoriki: Initially hated Tanukichi because he is the ex-terrorist son. However, later he started caring for him.
  • Kosuri Onigashira:  she uses romantic tactics to get what she wants. She learned this from SOX.
  • Matsukage Nishikinomiya: Anna’s father and one of the most affluent political leaders. He just wants to have control over the country imposing such rules.
  • Sophia Nishikinomiya: Anna’s mother and the main culprit behind this obnoxious rule.
  •  Annie brown: Demonstrates Japanese hand motion sensor techs to the world, American knows little to no Japanese.

And many more ……

Where to watch: 

The simple answer is Funimation, Crunchyroll, and Amazon. This anime is a stream by many anime streaming sites. This is one of the most critically acclaimed series.

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Shimoneta season 2 : 

Shimoneta season 2 Release date

Shimoneta season 2 Release date

Fans are speculating season 2 as many plots haven’t been addressed in season 1. There are fair chances of season 2 development. No one will be happier than fans of this anime series. However, If this great news will come in 2021 we will surely be delighted.

More Trivia related to Shimoneta:

The most asked questions related to Shimoneta are – Will there be season 2?. However, no one can give an exact answer here as there is no hint of another season. Fans are just being patient as this series is so good to not have its second season.

Another reason is said to be the passing of the voice actor Anna. As viewers got connected with the characters’ voices, it will be challenging for them to find the perfect replacement.

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Conclusion :

  • Shimoneta (A world where dirty jokes don’t exist) is a great anime.
  • However, Speculations for season 2 is in the air since season 1 ended.
  • As the ending and several episodes have many plot holes left the second edition to this series is given.
  • Shimoneta season 2 Release date is not confirmed. As no official details are available.

What do you think? Shimoneta should have a second season or not?