Shots reportedly fired at home of Billie Lourd by irate construction worker

Billie Lourd new estate construction

A disagreement between the staff of construction led to a shooting in the home of Billie Lourd. At the Star Wars star’s property L.A, cops responded to a fired call. They have said that a dispute occurred between 2 employees. Police say the Fired Worker pulled a rifle out and started threatening the co-worker. He fired and took off. The property where there are currently a lot of renovations going on.

There were no casualties reported when the incident took place at the estate. The shooting comes as Star wars actress Lourd began a complete rebuilding and merging of the adjacent Beverly Hills homes of her mother and grandmother. For over the past several years, Fisher and Reynolds lived side-by-side in the two California estates before tragically dying within a day of each other in December 2016.

New estate


Shots Reportedly Fired At Home Of Billie Lourd By Irate Construction Worker

Billie Lourd is merging the assets of her mother and grandmother to create a super property.she has put the houses up for sale the following year as a 3.5 acre property. She recently had a change of mind because of which she has renovated a lot. Allegedly the worth of the property is somewhere close to $18 million.she welcomed her first child on September 25th . The details of the modification’s work are not yet clear, but the iconic features of Fisher’s old home will not be modified.

She plans to expand the properties and update them, combining them more seamlessly. The new construction has protected Fisher’s famous aviary and an old water fountain in the original gardens. The childhood home of Lourd is full of the mismatched vintage furniture and collectibles of her mother. She has included a huge Lourd stained-glass window in the living room made by a friend in England for Fisher.

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