Silent Hill Release Date Leaked, Will Be PS5 Exclusive

Rumors of silent hill has been around for quite sometime lately. It is said that Konami and Sony might be collaborating on a silent hill PS5 exclusive game. And silent Hill will be returning by the end of 2020 after long delay. Gamer’s community is quite excited because of this news as it is also said that there will be two new seasons for this game.

Precise silent hill release date Leaked is: December 12 2020 which is date of an upcoming The game award show. As, silent hill is rumored to be announced in The game award show .

As this gossips are in the air Sony or Konami never officially announced the game let alone the release date and seasons. Konami even denied this rumour saying no such developments in silent hill is going on. While Sony haven’t said anything about silent hill .

This video game’s  date Leaked many times but creators and one who involved in the rumour has always denied it. But This rumours are becoming stronger day by day as some game leakers are hinting towards its release.

Today game analyst/ leaker Roberto Sorrano’s tweet has added fuel to this fire. Because he is the one who hinted that new silent hill will be releasing on The Game award. This rumour doesn’t seem to all false as Number of famous game releases on The game award.

However this analysis can be wrong and many time they have proven themselves wrong .
silent Hill release date Leaked by Roberto Sorrano only ,therefore it is really interesting to see how much base his tweet have .

All about silent hill:

Silent Hill release date Leaked
Silent Hill release date Leaked
  • Silent hill is series of psychological survival horror video games
  • Its firs release on Sony Playstation on January 31 1999
  • The game follows Harry mason as he searches for his missing adopted daughter
  • Silent hill have 4.8/5 on google which is great for any video game
  • It is safe to sat silent hill is critically acclaimed game
  • Various adaption of silent hill has been released since then be it film or novel
  • A altered version of silent hill is also available on gameboy advance

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