‘Southern Charm’ Season 7 : ‘Cameron Eubanks’ exists from show

Cameron Eubanks exit from southern charm season 7


Cameron Eubanks exit the show amid her husbands cheating allegations. There’s Rumour that her husband Dr. Jason Wimberly has been having affair with make up artist.
However, Eubanks has completely denied that her exit is the result of this gossip. Her exit from the show came as a shock because she is one of the permanent member of the cast for 6 seasons .

Eubanks marriage:

Eubanks is marries to Wimberly since 2014 and they have a daughter named Palmer born in November 2017. Between all those rumours Eubanks took her Instagram to clarify that her husband is not cheating on her.
She said : “ He’s the most faithful Human being ever” saying her marriage is not the reason for her exit.

Craige Conover‘s reaction on Cameron Eubanks exit:

Craig Conover is clearly not happy about this news he revealed in an interview with US weekly. Her decision has really surprised Conover as he was scheduled to film season with her.
He said Eubanks suddenly quits the show because she was scheduled to film season 7 with him. Because of this statement is seems like her husband’s s rumour has some base

All About southern charm:

Cameron Eubanks exit southern charm
Cameron Eubanks exit southern charm.  Image credit : US weekly

Southern charm is American reality TV show, debuted on March 2014. Since then going 6 season strong all set to complete 7 seasons. Show focuses on southern culture and political history of the area. The series originally focused on

  • Craig Conover
  • Cameron Eubanks,
  • Jenna king
  • Thomas Ravenel
  • Shep Rose and
  • Whitney Sudler-smith.

Other members who left the cast of southern charm:

Naomi Olindo and Chelsea meissener:

They both were recurring cast on the show since season 3 and became full time cast since season 5. Olindo was in the show as conover’s girlfriend.
Because of their split things became awkward and Olindo started dating someone else. While Meissener was dating someone else ,but things didn’t worked out for them therefore she left the show.
Conover said: Love both of them to death but their time on the show might be over.

What do you thing is the main reason for Cameron Eubanks exit. Will this show ever be same without her.