Survivor Host Jeff Probst Criticized for Season Delay

With the COVID-19 pandemic going across the States and countries, new television shows have been put to rest. Or rather they have been put to hiatus. Many delays have been put on many shows: all in the name of safety. While some shows have been premiering and continuing in production bravely forward, other shows have been taking a more safe approach and have been calling off their production indefinitely in the name of COVID-19.

Safety comes first after all. This such model has been true for the popular show Survivor. Both CBS and Jeff Probst decided that it was in the best interest of everyone involved to postpone the 41st season indefinitely until things become safer. Right now the show was on hold. However many fans are getting impatient.

All in the name of safety, or is it?

Even though this is not anything new, there has actually been a new fan that has come on the scene quite ready for the show to continue. This fan is none other than Russell Hanz, an infamous character of survivor and an avid watcher of the show. COVID 19 put many parts of our life on hold, especially entertainment.

Jeff Probst along with CBS made a joint choice to call off the filming of these seasons for the time being, and this has been a quite long time being. Many other shows in CBS have prevailed in this COVID 19 pandemic. Some shows like Lucifer and others have continued filming their next seasons, yet we see Survivor makes no continuous progress. Jeff Probst said and sent a statement to the survivor future cast explaining the decision as well as his aim to keep everyone safe healthy and away from COVID 19.

When will Survivor return?

The show Survivor has run for over 30 smooth seasons until COVID-19 hit.

Despite the fact that their location of filming (Fiji) reports no cases they still want to keep everyone protected. The crew members fly in from over 404 areas since there are 400 members. All crew members fly in from about 20 different countries, so more prep time is needed. However not all fans are happy with this decision. In a tweet given by Russell Hanz, he says that Survivor should continue in light of the fact that other shows are continuing quite smoothly. He says reportedly that the show the Bachelorettes has continued despite “exchanging saliva all the time” according to his quote.

While Jeff has made no official response, it was interesting to see the two supposedly butt heads over this feud. There has been no given response as of late, but we will keep this article updated if we see anything more.

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