Tales From The Loop Season 2 release date, cast, and what to expect

Will Tales From the Loop be getting a season 2? The fate of the Amazon series is still up in the air and doesn’t have a release date for its next season just yet.

What is Tales from the Loop?

Tales from the Loop is a science fiction anthology series based on an art book of the same name by Swedish artist Simon Stalenhag. Each episode holds a different storyline but all revolve around the same town. The characters live above an underground facility called “The Loop,” where researchers work to make impossible things happen. Season 1 premiered on Amazon Prime Video back on April 3, 2020.

Upon release, Tales from the Loop was received well and earned an 85% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, leading viewers to expect a second season. The delay on Amazon’s end to make a decision could be because of the pandemic. This has affected filming and release dates for shows and movies across the board, but as we start to see things slowly return to normal, an announcement seems possible.

Rebecca Hall in Tales from the Loop
Rebecca Hall as Loretta, a physicist at The Loop


Who is the cast?

Main cast members we saw in Season 1 of Tales from the Loop included Rebecca Hall and Paul Schneider, who starred as a married couple that works for The Loop. Other recurring cast that we see are Nicole Law, Danny Kang, and Jane Alexander to name a few. Will we see the cast reprise their roles in a season 2? Well, that depends on what direction the show decides to take.

With the show being an anthology series, the possibilities for characters and storylines are endless. A second season could very well revolve around a whole new cast and new adventures. Since season 1 already started interconnecting the current cast of characters, fans may also anticipate seeing these stories weave together even further in a second season. Keep checking back for more updates on the future of Tales from the Loop.

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