Telegram Updates


Telegram is just another application like WhatsApp. It is a social media platform to interact. The application is a messaging application.

The Telegram use to get connected to your mobile contacts just like WhatsApp. Telegram provides features like text messaging, voice calling, video calling and group chatting. Also, just like WhatsApp and many other applications. We have a feature to post a status.

And, the status will disappear after 24 hours. Also, the application is said to be the most secure platform. The chat and data is an end to end encrypted and it seems as a very safe application. Therefore, the audience of the application is increasing as people are shifting from WhatsApp to telegram.

Some of the latest updates in the application.

First, and the most attractive update for the users is that. You can apply a video as your display image. Instead of a profile image, you can display a small video clip as your profile video.

Another function is that telegram has introduced a “people nearby” function. The feature will help you interact with new people around you. The people who are using telegram around you. You can interact with them.

Also, we have a “Group Stats” feature. The feature helps us to see the stats of the group. You can observe the in group exercise, who is the member who interacts the most or who interacts the least, what types of messages are there, what us the common length of the messages.

All of the data of “Group Stats” is available to us in the form of various types of graphs and pie charts.

You can now also log into three telegram accounts at a time in your PC. And, you can also achieve or mute the chats.

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