10 Scholarship Programs of Top Universities in the UK

Being an international student, it is hard to cope with the needs when you strict the expenditures. To help you in education loans and allow you to explore the endless unspoiled wilderness of the education system, the education system in the UK allows the universities to offer scholarships to domestic as well as international students. There is a list given below of the top 10 colleges providing scholarships for students.


10 Scholarship Programs of Top Universities in the UK

  1. Commonwealth Masters Scholarships:

The scholarship is specially offered for those international students willing to join the education community of the UK. The funds for the scholarship come from the UK Department of International Development that is DFID. It includes the tuition fees, accommodation, personal expenditures, medical bills, examination fees, etc. The funding is provided to students applying for pursuing higher education in UK-based universities.

  1. Chevening Scholarships:

The scholarships are offered to the students with merit matching to the eligibility criteria of Chevening-eligible countries worldwide. The financial aid provided by the Chevening includes covering the tuition fees, essentials, etc. The eligibility criteria can be found on their official website with various other earning options for the study program—the government of the UK funds this scholarship.

  1. Gates Cambridge Scholarships:

The Cambridge Unisirty funds the Gate Cambridge Scholarship in the UK. The government does not support the funding of this scholarship. The students in Cambridge get to avail of financial aid for postgraduation, undergraduate study program provided in Cambridge university. The University of Cambridge has other schemes for providing scholarships to international students. Check their official website for more insight.

  1. Edinburgh Global Research Scholarships:

The University of Edinburgh offers more than 20 scholarship programs. To pursue Ph.D. with scholarship funding for your tuition fees, this the university you are looking for. It provides merit-based scholarships to international students. The budget includes basic needs, tuition fees, partime job opportunities, etc. The students willing to pursue graduation can get different charges.

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  1. Bristol University Think Big Scholarships:

Bristol has increased the investment in scholarship programs. It is trying to get the best of the best students across the borders and over the seas into the university. The tuition fees are covered in this scholarship. The academic fees range from 5,000 euros to 20000 euros. The university wants the best out f the students by offering other forms of employment during the courses.

  1. Warwick Chancellor’s International Scholarships:

The scholarship is unique for those who want to pursue a master’s, and overseas students apply for this scholarship type. The Warwick Graduate School provides more than 40 scholarships. The scholarship includes supporting the students by full payment of tuition fees. International students can apply for the process of scholarship via official websites.

  1. Developing Solutions Scholarships at University of Nottingham:

The scholarship is special for international students coming from India, Africa, or other developing countries. The scholarship’s main motive is to provide quality education from the UK to the underpreviledged merit students. The best scholarship for those who dream of doing a master’s from high-ranked abroad universities.  Overall, 30 such scholarship programs are arranged by the Unversity of Nottingham.

  1. University of Sussex Chancellor’s International Scholarships :

The university of success provides scholarships to the schools affiliated with the Sussex University. The tuition fees are half reduced by earning the scholarship. It makes students explore the teaching and tutoring fields to earn extra for their own allowances the merit students are awarded financial aids. The university supports the welfare of students applying here for masters from overseas.

  1. Scotland Saltire Scholarships:

The scholarship includes healthcare facilities, daily allowances, tuition fees for merit students. Scotland’s government supports the scholarship funding to the international students willing to pursue Porst graduation in Scotland affiliated colleges. The scholarship supports students pursue extracurricular activities to keep the student’s enthusiasm alive apart from only studying.

10.Clarendon Scholarships at University of Oxford (UK):

The government does not fund this scholarship, but the University of Oxford supports the scholarship funding process. Students from different countries can apply for a scholarship to get into the UK’s most prestigious colleges. It includes the tuition fees, internships, paid tutoring within the college, and many more. The oxford university helps the best students pursue higher studies with tension-free education loan processes.


The Government of the UK and the top private universities indulge the scholarship programs to the next level. They provide the best of all, excellent resources to learn and help international students from other countries pursue an education in the UK. The under developing countries can be benefited from the scholarships too. The UK education system is indeed valued among other education systems all over the world. It is best to earn the scholarship to lessen the burden of education loans.