The best of Android: Mid –2020

The best of Android: Mid –2020 is a Midsummer event held by Android Authority as part of their self-appointed job. That job being to help you decide what smart phone is right for you. They achieve this by subjecting a series of smart phones to a battery of tests. Android Authority seeks to find the best of Android with their tests designed to see past exaggerated capabilities and marketing. The event is currently underway having started on July 11, 2020. The best of android: Mid – 2020 will last for a week and is scheduled end on July 19, 2000.

What to expect

Best of Android

The best of Android: Mid – 2020 will continue to percent objected date on the performance of various smart phones. This usually identifies the absolute best smart regardless of its price or brand. However, there’s been a slight change of in this year’s event. Since the phone is more than just how well its base features perform this year new data will be added. This data identified as “intangibles” focuses on information like software stability, update track record, mainstream availability, and other factors. Another change in this year is the use of a custom version of “speed test G”. In past years certain manufacturers would supercharge their phones to appear better on benchmarking comparison programs. As a result, this year android authority is using an in-house benchmark program. Since there’s no way a manufacturer to get their hands on the source code beforehand they can’t modify their phones.


Over the course of Best of android: mid – 2020 data will be made available from the results of the tests. Each day will focus on a different test with the exception of the last two. these will be for overall winner and “readers’ choice winner” votes in that order. The data that will be made available in order will be audio, display, battery, performance, camera, and value. Regardless of the results the best of Android: Mid-2020 should provide the best advice available for buying a smart phone.


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