‘The Blacklist’ season 8: Releasing in 2021 and how to watch Online

Premiered on 13th November 2020 The Blacklist season 8 is all set for its another premiere after winter break. Two episodes of the series have already aired and 3rd is yet to come. So let’s find out where to watch these upcoming episodes, spoilers of the first 2 episodes so that you will be 3rd episode ready.

The Blacklist season 8 (Recap):

(May contain potential spoilers! Skip to how to watch online part if you haven’t watched season 8 yet)

America’s one of the most renowned ongoing crime TV series is coming back with its third episode after 2 months long winter break. Let’s recollect what we already watched in the first two episodes. After season 7 cut down to 19 episodes scheduled to 22. The premiere of season 8 seems like a bit rushed back in November. So let’s highlight what we saw.

In episode one, we saw Liz turning to the bad side and sabotaging all FBI investigations. The first episode of The Blacklist season 8 was all about Roanoke ( Next blacklister of Taskforce) and Liz misleading her team as she is now an ally of Katarina. It’s all about finding mole within their own team.

In the second episode, Katarina will kidnap Liz’s grandfather to know Red’s secret. And all team member now knows about liz.

The Blacklist season 8 3rd episode synopsis:

Titled “16 ounces” airing today, 22nd January 2021. This episode will be all about Liz’s revenge for her mother’s murder. Red killing her mother is not really what we expected by now Red owes a big explanation to Liz.
Let’s see how this episode turns out. However, we doubt that the one who killed is really Liz’s mother Katarina. The mystery will unfold itself tonight on NBC.
Watch the promo here.

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Where to watch The Blacklist season 8 All episodes:

The Blacklist season 8
The Blacklist season 8 Recap, 3rd episode synopsis, and how to watch online.

The Blacklist season 8 all episodes will be available on all NBC networks to stream. If you are cable Tv binge-watched then stay tuned at 8 p.m ET on NBC. Peacock TV is a great option for free online streaming.
However, in countries like Australia and India, All 7 season of the show is available on Netflix. The Blacklist season 8 is coming on Sunday. And in UK NOW Tv is an option.

Tell us how you like the first two episodes of The Blacklist season 8. And how much are you excited for upcoming episodes. And stay tuned for more updates on The Blacklist season 8, while watching the episodes 4 promos.