The Boys has been renewed by Amazon prime video for its third season.

The Boys has been renewed by Amazon prime video for its third season. The news that the superhero series will have a third season was announced at San Diego comic-con 2020. Specifically, this year’s comic-con was a 100% virtual event known as [email protected] but was otherwise like the normal con. Indeed, the announcement of the renewal “The Boys” came during the series announcement and question-and-answer panel. The show’s executive producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg made the announcement. In addition to confirming that “The Boys” has been renewed by Amazon prime the two producers thanked the fan. Stating that because of the popularity of the series amongst its fans is the reason it has been renewed.



The Boys has been renewed

The Boys being renewed by Amazon prime for its third season was a bit of a surprise. Specifically, because season to at the time of the announcement is still six weeks away. This speaks highly of the of the confidence Amazon of the popularity and therefore profitability of the series. The announcement however does this a pattern for the superhero series. Specifically, announcing the renewal of the series for new season at comic – con. One year go the previous San Diego comic – con Amazon prime announced The Boys renewal for season two. However, there is a major difference between the two announcements in regards to production. Specifically, last year there was a clear timetable layout for when season to production. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic there is no clear timeline for when season three production will begin.


The Boys being renewed by Amazon prime was not the only surprising news revealed by the panel. Additional facts about the upcoming “The Boys” season two also revealed. One is the release schedule for season two episodes which will now be releasing weekly. This marks a change in release strategy for the series from the first season. The second announcement was of an after show in which the crew and cast will talk about the episode. Each of these after shows will air alongside each episode of “The Boys” season two.

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